To tell I love her or not

I'm in love .... With my physical therapist . our relationship was great ' Friend' we joked a lot and talked about things .
I started to notice her more after 3 months . my therapy was delayed by minor surgery's .so I spent a lot of time w\ her. 4 months in I was bringing in lunch for her, I always asked and she accepted. Few weeks later, she bought me one of my favorite foods ,said she knew it was my weakness . I returned the favor got her something she really liked, candy, simple enough.right .
Low and behold valentines around the corner. Stupid me 80 dollars in flowers! Delivered ,of course I signed anonymous. Disaster strikes. I confessed to her I sent them . she knew. Then the talk came .she denied all, just wants to be friends. Digres. Two months straight, I was in there .3\4 weekly, each day same thing .
This is why I fell in love , when I came in I would see her working. When she saw me she would lite up ,big smile ,the kind songs are about. Her eyes and face would shine the whole time I was there. We constantly looked for each other . smiles, if we were close enough we would talk, alot
One day she came over to where I was and ate lunch next to me . taunting me . just fun.
Now, the day after the talk, I could bearly look at her,I'm so ...hurt. Day went by, same thing. Soon I knew I made a mistake , I waved kinda half -ass to her .she looked at me with the saddest eyes, and half waved , it broke my heart, again.
Now I'm devastated to know I've caused her pain. The next day she didn't even look at me . I feel dead inside.
What to do? She thinks I just kinda liked her. She didn't realize how much.
I want to explain my self to her. How I dread coming in and seeing her, but if she is not there, I miss even more!
I fell hard for her!
I understand her position. Ethics and all, I was in the med. Field for about 3 years. The separation of patient and practitioner is necessary. But that wasn't her reason.
Just today, I saw her looking my way several times , I try to not notice .but I do. Our eyes meet and we turn away?
Should I talk to her , even if I don't get her in the end, I still want her to know I love her. I'll take the chance
I'll be the fool. For her anything!

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  • Just tell her...
    The road not taken,

  • Wtf! Just tell her.

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