New relationship

It’s really hard. This feeling that I’m starting over, the beginning of a new relationship where my last one wasn’t new for three years. Working for what I want, watching my step, learning him and what he likes is so scary.

Sometimes when I am alone, I think about how difficult it is. I wonder if he’s thinking of me or how stupid I am or how I f***** up when I spoke without thinking. My stomach twists in knots and I wonder why I’m doing this. Why am I putting myself through all this stress?

During those times I heavily consider just ending things. Giving up and letting him move onto someone who is worthwhile and not as idiotic as me. Someone who knows what they’re doing. We haven’t been seeing one another very long but I definitely feel like I’m ruining everything right at the start and I’m sorry.

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  • The knots in your stomach are telling you that something is not all it appears in this relationship. I speak from many years of experience. You should be feeling like his princess, not like you are worthy of him.

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