Married but dominated by teen girlfriend

I'm 35 and been married for 8 yrs, but I have a girlfriend on the side. She's 17 (legal in U.K.) and loves to act all dominating on me. And I love it. I've been seeing her for 6 months and she is a filthy little thing. She is 5'2, small b cup t*** and skinny and dresses like a complete s***. My wife on the hand is 5'8, 34D and a slim curvy. We have a good marriage but I'm so in love with my teen girlfriend and I love her dominating me.

She makes me take her shopping, to buy her full wardrobe, including lingerie and kinky outfits she wears for me, she always wears high heels, tiny skirts and tight revealing tops when she goes out, she looks so f****** sexy. And wears all kinds of slutty things in the bedroom, the latest is a latex corset with nipple holes and open crotch. And she is getting so dominating. She had me, a grown man, married, with a good job, on my knees, naked, blindfolded, hands tied behind my back, while she stroked my d*** with her toes until I came and then she fed me her toes to suck them clean. She makes me lick her shaved p**** u til sge c*** and sends me home and demands I kiss my wife with my cummy mouth.

Last week it went further, she tied me to her bed, naked and gagged and was teasing me loads, then she went off and came back with a few of her friends and she stroked me off in front of them, I watched but couldn't speak to tell her to stop because as she jacked me off, one of the girls filmed it. I'm scared what will happen with Thurrock, if it'll be sent around the school or friends, if anyone wil recognise me. I don't want my wife to know and I don't want to get caught and lose my girlfriend.

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  • I got the 16yr old girl pregnant..... not sure what happens after now!

  • So she is definitely keeping it, I'm 35 and the mother of my first child will be 16. My girlfriend found out and went mad, it cost me a lot of shopping trips, and she is still secretly dominating me. My wife has no idea and wants to try for a baby.... I'm screwed.

  • So my girlfriend's friend said she'll delete the video if I take her shopping and then eat out her p****! She says she hasn't shown anyone the video yet. My girlfriend doesn't know about these demand, she says if I tell her she'll post the video online. She has just turned 16 and sent me a pic of her p****. It looks sexy as h***. It's now another risk to take!

  • I bough her a fee expensive hand bag today and ate her p****. It was delicious , barely any hair, tight, tiny slit. Then she dropped a banger....she is 16 tomorrow.

  • I had to confront her about the age thing to which she told me she is actually 14! Before finally resigning it was all a joke and she is 16. She said she loved me going down on her and wondered if I would do it again. I did end up lick her out again and then ended up f****** her without any protection, and it was her first time! Cute little thing, totally inexperienced but tight as can be, it was a struggle to get it in and she almost cried with pain until I unloaded inside her.

    Then I went to see my girlfriend who had me naked crawling around her bedroom begging to be allowed to c**. She let me w*** off on her feet and made me lick them clean whilst laughing and calling me pathetic, 18yrs younger than me but totally in control of me! Then I ate her p**** out until she orgasmed.

    I then went home to find my wife had cooked me a romantic meal, we had some wine and went to bed where she gave me a b******, not knowing I had c** twice that afternoon, once whilst taking a teen's virginity. I'm a terrible husband! Both teens are younger added up than my wife!

  • You're f*****!

  • I definitely will be one day, but I'll go to the grave knowing I'm getting plenty!

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