How can I talk to my husband about trying to make me "squirt?"

How can I talk to my husband about trying to make me "squirt" without coming across as "slutty" to him? Before meeting my husband, I dated a man for about a year that really enjoyed giving me oral s**. I had never really received oral s** before dating this man and LOVED it! I would go crazy when he would "eat" me. I'd almost always c**, then c** more when he'd have s** with me. A few months into our relationship, the most amazing thing happened - I SQUIRTED one night when I came for him. I had no idea what just happened. I thought maybe I lost control of my bladder and peed on him. I was so embarrassed! I talked to my older sister about it and she told me about female e********** or "squirting." My boyfriend would make me c** and squirt all of the time. My husband eats me occasionally but has never made me squirt. I'd like to talk to him about it but am worried about telling him about this other man I used to have s** with that made me c** more than he does. Does anyone have any advice for me about how to discuss this with my husband?
-- Rhona


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  • Not an advertisement here, but you should check out some of the s** instructional videos be Jason Julius...he has lots of good advise to be better at s**...and teaches how to do the female "squirt."

  • One big tip, do not pee before s**. Truth is that female e******** is made up of two parts and the "squirt" is the second part and comes from the bladder. You are not "peeing" because it doesn't travel through the urethra. It's reabsorbed and then expunged via the v*****. More in your bladder the more you squirt. BTW the first part of female e******** is nearly identical to men's (without the sperm) and that's why women often produce a white, creamy substance when first aroused. The more you know.

  • I find that men in the main cannot make me c**, some do and when that happens I really squirt. It's an art. The e******** itself can range from as little as a half-teaspoon to several tablespoons full.

    Before beginning you'll want to empty your bladder, to help ease your mind.

    I find masturbation to be the easy method. Now fellas don't get upset, it maybe me. Firstly ladies, you should get comfortable, relaxed, and really turned on. Whatever helps get you there should be used, whether it's visual aids (p***, erotica) or your favorite s** toy. Make things slick with your favourite water-based lube is also helpful.

    Focus first on stimulating your c*******, as it'll help bring blood into the area and get your G-spot area ready for play. When you're turned on, insert your middle and ring finger a couple of inches inside your c*nt and rub your G-spot, which feels like a small ridged area along the front of your c*nt wall,

    Hope this helps

  • It's not necessary to mention your past love mate to discuss this to your husband..simply tell him this is your fantasy that's it....

  • Make a appointment with a s** therapist and she can help you achieve your goal.

  • I think you done enough of that meghan markle you have p***** over so many people to get to the top. wait for the bucket of p*** and s*** to land on your head. you disgusting alien. she is not fit to be royal at all. I have no idea what the royals are thinking with this one other then media soap opera again like the 1980s all over again. you mean to tell me Cressida wouldn't have been a better bride of choice? seriously.

  • Just talk to him about it, but don't make him feel like he is doing something wrong. I don't squirt when we have s**, I looooove to pee, tho. I drink lots of water before we have s** and then just let it rip! We have three bedrooms, and one is for s** and me peeing. After talking it out with my hubs, we have had no problems. I pee with abandon in bed and we're both happy. It's all good if you can talk constructively.

  • What kind of marriage do you have that you can't talk openly about concerns and desires?

  • I would recommend sitting down with your husband and telling him about how this other many could please you so much. It will probably make him hard and want to do you!

  • Squirting makes you fat as well something to do with bacteria.

  • You either naturally can or you can't. you can't be taught.

  • The girl friend who became my wife was multiorgasmic before we were married. Two or 3 years in... maybe she was totally at ease with her body and being intimate and accepting her desires and letting me know them. She is now multiorgasmic AND squirts if we have foreplay in certain ways. Married 18 years now. A towel folded on the bed every time now to catch spray if it goes that way.

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