I encourage my son to crossdress

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  • Yeah I used to wear my mom's panties slips bras garters pantyhose I would wipe my pre c** with her lipstick then put the cap back on

  • That's so sweet.

  • I did it at as a boy and turned out fine ... although I do love to slip into pantyhose from time to time.

  • Wish you were my parent when I was growing up.

  • Why?

  • If he wants to its no biggie

  • Both sound hot. Maybe they need c*** as well

  • I think if you start early long hair, girls' Toys, girl clothes, plenty of talk of gender equality.

  • My son is 8. I have him wear lipstick when we take photos of him. I also make him wear feminine clothes. Short denim shorts for example. Tight tops.

  • Could you send me pics of him wearing panties please?

  • I'd w*** to your son

  • That is called child abuse.

  • Why's that and he loves sleeping with mommy naked and cuddling up....

  • Do anything else and my sons nine e and have amazing times with him. He sleeps in my bed....

  • How old?

  • #sickfuck

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