I really don’t like my stepson he’s a crybaby

I really don’t like my stepson. He’s 6, I was around when he was born.. his dad was in a relationship prior to us meeting and they broke up when we met (as friends) shortly after we started dating the ex announced she was pregnant and keeping it. I’ve never dated anyone with children. I didn’t realized I would be marrying this man one day though! So at the time I was just going with the flow, enjoying my bf company.. HE had a kid coming.. not me.. fast forward six years and we are happily married, We have a young daughter now. We have my step son regularly. 40-60 custody… im with him a LOT. I just can’t stand him.. his mom is really great.. albeit she’s lazy, with parenting we are very different. Im very goal oriented, I like to encourage my daughter to be the best she can be, to be proud of her accomplishments, explore the world. Ask questions, to Go for it!
My step son is 6 and still wears diapers.. he is encouraged at his moms to just pea the bed in his diapers.. at our house he wears training pants and we encourage him to be. Big boy and NOT wet the bed.. and he doesn’t usually! I know it’s tough for him to have two very different house holds.. but I just can’t stand him. He’s a cry baby. He can’t put on his own socks. He’s a f****** idiot. He just sits there with his mouth open and a dazed look half the time.. I’m constantly telling him to close his Mouth. To chew with his mouth closed.. to talk like a big kid. He gets everything done for him at his house. His grandma and mom cater to his every need. I don’t do that. I laugh.. I roll my eyes.. I’m not fuckijg putting your socks on bro.. your 6.. I’ll help tie shoes and brush teeth and do hair and help with homework.. I am a great mom. I know I am. I give it my all. My step son is just annoying.. he cries if I put him in time outs for doing things like hitting his sister. Or he dumps my purse out and hides my phone and I put him in time out and he cries like I abused him! He gets no discipline at his house.. NONE. He breaks everything.. even my husband gets frustrated sometimes but that’s his son so he’s more patient. I’m not. I try my best. But I just wish he was not in my life. He’s annoying. He talks like a baby, he has zero interest in doing much of anything except causing havoc and playing on his tablet.. which I only give two hours a day of.. so the rest of the day he’s making messes, crying, fighting with his sister or bein a brat. His face is just ugly to me. He looks like he has Down syndrome except not in the cute way. He can’t do anything for himself.. his eyes well up with tears at the slightest trigger of anything he doesn’t wanna do. Ughh it’s ducking exhausting. I’m aging.

Jan 29, 2022

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  • I have the same issue. I understand! It’s so hard to deal with someone else’s kid who coddles them and let’s them run amok then send them over to your house to ruin the whole atmosphere.

  • I hate my stepson too. You are not alone. If he wasn't around 75% of my familial issues would cease to exist. He's almost 6. Completely entitled. Just the mere sight of him disgusts me but my wife has full custody. Pos bio dad is in another state and gets limited visitation so the little f******* is ALWAYS around. Here's to the next twelve years!!!


  • If the daughter is old enough, give her authority over the cry baby. She could dress him like a sissy doll and administer discipline as needed. It would be best if his mom and and grandma could join in, so he could be trained continuously. Good luck with it😊

  • Have you tried spinning time with him?

  • Sounds like he has autism... But what do I know. Don't be so harsh. Maybe you should teach him some self-awareness and self reliance.

  • I don't think you'll get anywhere by calling him names.

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