She doesn't know

She doesn't know that just seeing her brightens my day completely and instantly.

She doesn't know how infectious her laugh is or how painful her tears are.

She doesn't know how the tiniest things she says to me can either make or destroy my mood.

She doesn't know that I'm completely, totally, and eternally in love with her.

And she can never know these things, because I know just what she'd say.

She'd say "James, I have a boyfriend. I'm sorry, but I love him, not you."

and then my world would truly end.

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  • Tell her, but don't overwhelm her. Let her know you care about her, that you're there for her, etc... Maybe add in that IF she didn't have a boyfriend, you'd totally be into starting up something, but let her know that you support her decisions (including in who she sees) and make sure she feels comfortable... The worst possible thing would be to make her feel guilty over being with another guy, it'll make her like you less.

  • No, no, no. Give it up. The longer you cling to the faint hope that she will one day find you attractive the more of your life you've wasted. You are pathetically clingy, desperate, needy and delusional. Cut your losses and find someone in your league. Man up.

  • Wow, no sugar coating it there

  • Actually if he did Man up that would increase his chances.

  • awwwwww :( <3
    You sound like a very sweet guy.
    I'm sure anyone would be lucky to have you but if this girl has a boyfriend whom she loves, I say just wait for her until they break up but in the meanwhile you can meet other girls too :) I also think you should let her know how you feel before anything. You might be surprised on what she responds.

    Good Luck :D

  • Don't live in regret. Tell her how you feel and take the chance. That is the worse that would happen. But at least if you found out, you could move on.

  • Move along, son.

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