A sad confession

I wanted to confess my sins and get holy water as I needed to drink it to heal my disease. I contacted a pastor near me, but, he was fraud, he was a black magician under the skin of priest. He made me drink satanic water instead of the real holy water.
Now, I am under the influence of evil forces all day long. I talk unnecessarily , I act like possessed people, I quarrel with my immediate family,all, for no reason.
All h*** breaks loose.
Please christ save humanity from such sinners.

May 25, 2018

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  • You've lost a grip on reality. Are you like this 5 days of the month? Happy sad happy sad?
    Depressed and bi-polar, menstruation, or psychosis.
    Maybe you had a cerebral stroke?

  • There's no such thing as Satanic water. If you need it go get some help, therapy wise, to see what's up, then you should go do that. Or just stop blaming everything else but yourself for your s***** behavior.

  • You are not alone...knowing everything I don't control my self....Christ will do nothing untill we a take a step forward....every single day I sin and say sorry.....but realization like this could be helpful...happiness to you

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