I want women to stop wearing clothes

I would take off every woman's clothes if I could. They should just be naked.

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  • You wouldn't say that if all women were severely obese, and hairier than King Kong.

  • If you would just go back and look at old copies of National Geographic you would TOTALLY change your mind. Blech!!

  • I agree, if they at least they keep it trim down below at minimum.

  • I agree! and I think most women would be okay with it too. Let's get a petition going!

  • All girls over 8 should have too remain naked....

  • Naked from birth until 16, I like baby c***

  • I agree

  • That’s sick. How about 18 and over naked. I’d jump on that train.

  • Even the obese ones?

  • Better fat and naked than fat and almost bursting out of disgusting clothes

  • No fat chicks should be refused food by shops and we should not have our optic nerve assaulted.

  • Send me all the fat b******. I love them. ALL of them.

  • Will that happen...omg I would spank every single butt

  • I would be only to happy to help you to spank them I live in llanbradach south Wales UK

  • Rapist...…..

  • Did you know most rapes happen to fully clothed women.

  • Sure. Sure. They start that way.

  • Can't judge the book by it's cover.

  • Oh good creepy old pedo grandpa is back

  • Even the fat ones?
    Not me. To me sexy clothes enhance a sexy woman

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