This girl at the movies

So i was recently at the movies to watch The first purge, i went with a couple of friends at night. This movie theater has reclining chairs which have to be reserved once you buy your tickets, ( D4, D5, etc.) There were 6 of us so we took up nearly the whole row besides 2 seats. We sat down and i was the last one to sit down so i was at the end but there were two seats beside me. During commercials a mother and daughter (i assume), sat next to me. The daughter sat to my right and the mother was at the very end of the row. From the beginning i noticed her acting weird like i would use my phone and she would look at it. I had a drink in between my legs like in the crotch area so about 30 mins into the movie she straightup grabs the drink from in between my legs and takes a sip then puts it back. The friend to my left saw it and she was confused as h*** like me. I didnt do anything cause this girl was hot as h***, she was wearing really short shorts and had a nice ass body. So i let it slide. About 5 mins after that i have my arm and the armrest and she puts her arm on mine and holds my hand, nobody else saw this so i just turn around and look at her and she was biting her lip. I was wearing basketball shorts so when i saw that i kinda got a little excited. Then she grabs my d*** through my shorts and just starts to feel it. She was hot but I didnt wanna do this so i just left to the restroom. In the restroom I washed my face and waited for my b**** to go away which took a while. But i realized f*** it im bored and shes hot and she just groped me so i sprayed a little cologne on and went back to the theater. Remember when she was looking at me using my phone? Yeah i left it on my seat and somehow she got in, i guess i might have used my pin instead of touch id. She added herself on every social media. Snapchat, Instagram, etc. She also gave me her phone number. I honestly have no clue how her mother didnt notice. We leave the theater and on my way out i check my phone. Her name was Allison, and on snapchat she had her location turned on, and she lives bout 2 mins away from me. She also sent me so much things real late at night, we talked for about 10 mins and she went straight to "im wet" and sends me everything. This girl got confidence cause g******* she sent a lot of s***. So yea i hope i get laid this was a f****** awesome experience.

Jul 13, 2018

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  • Very hot encounter! Love it.

  • I think the mother wants it, too. She was RIGHT THERE while the daughter was cocktrolling you, so the mom is almost sure to be DTF, too. You need to get busy working on both. The mother-daughter combo is more frequent than it used to be, but still is something to be proud of. Nail those filth b******! GET TO WORK, H***!!!

  • If you don't get laid your doing something wrong . The way you talk about her actions tells me this ones a straight up hoe. F*** her as long as you can . But make sure she has as little information about you as possible because if a girl is willing to do what she did with your phone she's most likely someone who will cause problems for you down the road . That's not just being forward this girl has serious boundary issues. F*** the s*** out of her but be careful. Girls like that are nuts lol

  • Since this shes gave me top twice and f***** once. Shes the one that hits me up though its f****** crazy. I didnt mention this but my aunt lives on the same block as her and i was out smoking a ciggarette and she was just creeping on me. She thought i didnt know but the whole time i was there she was just looking at me through her blinds. The next day she told me she was super h****. This is f****** awesome

  • Any action with the girl yet?

    How was her mother?

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