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Firstly, obviously, because I am here I am a bit weird. I do a fair bit of self examination. I am a procrastinator. I also tend to get mildly depressed.

I'm also a bit kinky sexually. I'm a switch. I enjoy inflicting pain (s*****) and I find receiving pain (m********) stimulating.

I found myself becoming stressed at work. When I had work to do I would feel stressed and I'd end up on the internet looking at p*** and that would calm me. But it did not help get work done.

I thought I'd try a bit of pain. So I put clothes pegs on my nipples under my shirt. I found the pain woke me up, cleared my head, helped me focus, got more work done. I'd make it a personal challenge to leave the peg on until the current task was done for example if I was writing a report.

So for what it's worth maybe this might help some one

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  • See, this kind of use of pain stimulus might be a bit unconventional, but it's sensible. Pain can be a source of both calm and increased focus. If you ran around shirtless howling to the heavens about your paaaaain and passive-aggressively displaying those clothespins to everyone while claiming that you're "ashamed" of them, that would be a different approach entirely.

    NOW do you see the difference, stupid emo cutter twits? Take notes and maybe STFU until your brains are finished developing. (That's around age 25, by which time you'll either have grown up or finally nicked an artery and ended your drama-queen selves)

  • Sometime I get distracted and feel kind of over stimulated all the time and realize I keep handling myself without really noticing, which can be pretty embarrassing. Then I end up sometimes doing stuff that really embarrasses me, like getting off in my pants when I've only barely got enough privacy or else I end up c****** in my underwear and on my sheets while I'm asleep, or worse, sometimes I even wet the bed because I'm so tense.

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