My wife has changed, and I like it...

I married the perfect woman, she was hyper-intelligent, sarcastic, 112 pound fitness freak and health nut. When we met, dated, and married this was perfect for me, but over time she has changed.

She’s kept the sarcasm and the witty remarks, but she’s become more absent minded over the years, now to the point where calling her a ditz or a bimbo would be accurate. Thing is, I find myself enjoying this part of her and falling in love with her all over again when she can’t find her glasses that she’s already wearing.

She’s gotten lazy. And, she’s no longer a health nut. I used to come home to her doing work or working out, but now I come home to her finishing off a box of Oreos and smiling as she rubs her belly. She’s become a soft 180 pounds and she seems happier. And, I find myself more and more attracted to her by the day.

I’m not complaining. I just never knew I would be into how different she is now compared to how she was.

I thought she was perfect back then, but I was wrong. She’s perfect now.

I think it’s refreshing to come home to her so blissfully fat and ditzy without a care in the world. Especially after a hard day or a stressful day.

She’s changed. She’s given up on her figure and I like it, she’s dumbed herself down and I like it, she’s happy and she has no cares or worries and I like it.

Society says we’re not supposed to encourage simple minds or obesity, but she’s happy and the simplicity is refreshing and relaxing. And, to be completely candid, the intimate moments have gotten more frequent and enjoyable as she has grown wider and softer and dumber.

I feel like there is something wrong with me for taking pleasure in how she has become, but at the same time I also feel like I should be enjoying how she has changed.

She went from a granola munching, career obsessed, genius yogi in business attire to a fat 50s housewife, s** slave, bimbo in ridiculous sunglasses and dresses a size or two too small.

And I like it.

I feel like I shouldn’t be, but I am surprised and grateful for how much she has changed.

Aug 19, 2018

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  • This is a question, not a comment. How long did your wife's transformation take? How soon after your wedding did it start? Did you subconsciously encourage her to let her figure go? Are you encouraging her to stay fat or gain more weight? Is she still gaining weight? If so, how big would you like her to get?

  • You are a very lucky guy. So am I. On our honeymoon I begged my beautiful, sexy wife to pixiecut her gorgeous long hair and get fat. It took ten years, but she doubled her weight from 140 to 280 pounds and on her 40th birthday she finally cut her hair short. I love my fat, short haired wife! Too bad it took so long for her to complete her transformation, but the wait was worth it.

  • Cool :)

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