Stomach sitting real event

I'm a young girl from India, I'm not into this stomach sitting fetish, just came across this forum randomly. So I decided to relate a real life event that took place when I was in 9th grade, since i have ample time during lockdown. I've never shared this event with any one before. Once again let me remind that I am not into this stomach sitting fantasy.

It was early 90s, i used to live in a small town in Northern India. we had only one school there. i was may be 16 years old a 9th grader. I belonged to an upper class and richest family of the town. I was the most beautiful and smart girl of my school. I had a perfect figure 36 26 36. I was extremely arrogant girl of my school and always feeling that i am something super supreme. We had a male student in our school, we can't call him a special student, but he had some congenital developmental disorder, he was still in 9th grade for last 4 years. he was not completely retarded but i don't know something was wrong with him. All the students knew that he is a crazy guy. I would always avoid him, in fact never happened or tried to talk to him.

One day our last period was off, so we got free early, some of my classmates left early. I decided to take some walk in the ground, before leaving for home, i used to walk home, as it was nearby. As i reached the far end of the ground, the grass was quite dense there. I noticed that crazy guy doing something , as I got near i realized he is trying to move a big stone. He saw me and asked for help, to which i refused and to avoid further confrontation I walked back. My blatant refusal infuriated him, and he ran after me and blocked my way. I got scared and tried to push him, but to my surprise he punched me in the belly, as i bent in pain, he took me in a head lock and immediately flipped me over him. I landed on the grass on my back, the headlock was still on and was very painful. I fought back with all my might but he was way too strong. He was an unkempt and filthy guy, he was smelling too bad, like an animal, must haven't taken shower for at least a week i guess. After a minute or so of struggle, I was able to release the head lock but i was still lying on the grass on my back but now he was straddling me & actually he was sitting on my crotch, his ass must be on my c***. In hope of unseating him, I locked my fingers with his and a test of strength started. Obviously he had advantage, he was much stronger plus he was on top of me. He decidedly pinned my arms to the ground on sides of me head. After that he raised his butt off my crotch, i felt relieved as I thought now he would think that he has defeated me in test of strength and he will get up and leave me alone. But instead he slid a bit forward and placed his knees of my biceps. I felt my arms hurt badly, he moved my shirt away form my abdomen and exposed my stomach naked, then all of a sudden and without my expectation he dropped his butt hard down on my soft belly as he landed ass first. MMmppphhh was the sound i emitted, of course from my mouth. I was completely trapped under him. I didn't cry for help for a reason that now i realize was very stupid. I thought it would be very insulting for me if some body watches me trapped and defeated like that under that crazy guy, Later on I realized that my reasoning was absurd and I should have shouted for help. he started slapping my face, there was no way i could stop him and my arms were trapped under his knees and continued to sit on my stomach. My beautiful face must have turned tomato red from his forceful slaps. Then he stopped slapping and just sat there on my stomach staring at me. After few moments i came out of the effect of that sound beating i just received and I tried to unseat him by bridging my back, kicking my legs and what not. But he was almost 1.5 times my weight, I stood no chance. I was feeling very bad, he was so ugly and heavy and was sitting on my stomach. I laid still helpless & scared for a while. he suddenly spoke that his knees are getting tired, I thought now he will get off of me. But instead he spread his legs apart and now he was sitting with his full weight on my soft tummy with his feet on either side of my head. But now my hands were free, so i decided to give another try to fight back as i locked my fingers once again with him. But same happened he again defeated me easily and once again pinned my hands to ground and now he put his feet on my hands. And now I was totally stuck under his ass. I was lying completely helpless and he was in total control. i was getting really hurt. I was feeling very nauseated for two reasons, first his body smell and secondly i was severely disliking the feeling of his ass hole on my tummy, he used to intermittently grind his ass on my stomach which made his stink hole sink even more on my belly. A feeling was making me sick that the dirtiest part of his body, where he s**** and farts from, is placed firmly on my belly and I'm forced against my will to feel it. Suddenly I realized that his zipper was unzipped and his d*** was visible that means he was not wearing any underwear. It made me even more sick, as i told earlier that he had exposed my bare belly before sitting, so it was only one thin layer of cloth between his ass and my bare stomach, may be that's why i was feeling his hole so precisely on my tummy. I gave up and just lied down, i was having difficulty breathing as there was too much weight on my belly i wasn't able to use my abdominal muscles any more, also his body smell was so intense that whatever i was breathing was his smell.

While still sitting full weight on my stomach he leaned a bit forward and now his face was hovering right over mine. Now he started talking to me, though whatever he talked was nonsense and gibberish. But now i realized that he has yet another developmental anomaly that when he speaks he sprays droplets of saliva all around. He kept talking and my face slowly filled with his saliva, it was very disgusting, just like he was spitting all over my cute face. he had probably never brushed his teeth, the smell of his mouth was just like a dirty fart. I was having trouble in breathing so i had to open my mouth intermittently to get extra air. So his spits started falling in my mouth and on my tongue too. Even worse was that i had to swallow and drink all those dirty droplets of his saliva that he was spitting in my mouth by just talking to me. The taste of his spit was very sickening. I was getting tired of this predicament. Just imagine the sufferings i was receiving; Almost 80 kg weight on my belly, humiliating feeling of his s*** hole on my tummy, his feet on my hands, his spits all over my face and in my mouth that i had to drink eventually, and the nauseating smell of his body and mouth constantly entering my nose. I was severely out of breath. I believe he did not have any comprehension or understanding of what he was doing to me. Given his mental state he probably did not have any recognitionthat he was hurting me, that girls are delicate creatures that are meant to be handled carefully. Probably for him i was not the most beautiful, supreme and arrogant girl of the school to whom all other girls would envy and boys will desire to date. For him I was just an opponent whom he has thoroughly defeated in a fight, he was giving a damn to the fact that i was a beautiful girl. And all that was happening against my will and there was nothing i could do about it. I had no idea how to handle special boys, of course i was not a psychologist. I finally decided to act very obediently so whatever gibberish he was talking i started to agree and say words that would probably please him, Like i said, ok this fight is over, you are the winner, i am the looser, you have defeated me, you are in total control, you are better etc etc. But nothing worked. Finally after approximately 15 to 20 minutes he said that I had to go to bathroom to take s***, and he instructed me to stay there, I said okay, and he got up and left for the toilet. I was so broke and weak and i couldn't get on my feet for about a minute, i was holding my belly that was crushed under his weight. I finally got up and ran away. but I kept feeling the bad smell of his breath and filthy taste of his spits in my nose and mouth for many weeks afterwards.

I never told anybody about this event, not to my parents, teachers or classmates for the fear of insult and embarrassment that i got sat on, slapped, defeated and humiliated by that extremely ugly and crazy guy. If any of my classmate happens to read this story he/she would know who exactly I am.
The event still scares me, and i realize that i should have cried for help instead of getting punished by him. After that i wasn't that arrogant girl anymore, whenever i saw my self in mirror and think proud about my beauty, immediately this event reminds me that no matter how beautiful and royal princess i am, that crazy boy gave a damn to that and he sat on my stomach full weight and made me breath his smell, drink his spits and gave me sound beating. Another thing that sometimes scare me is that he instead of going to toilet might have decided to s*** on my belly, who knows??????

May 15, 2020

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  • I can understand your situation. It happened with me once. A man in his late 20's, 6 feet tall, more than 150kg sat on my tiny belly because of his fetish. I was trapped under the weight of his body. He was strong and damn heavy. He sat for around 6 hours on my stomach watching movie, eating snacks. He was so enormous that my entire body except for face was trapped under him. After 6 hours, even he bounced 2 or 3 times. And, when i say bouncing, it was like proper jump. His butt squashed my belly really hard. I thought 2 or 3 bones of mine will break but, he told he has experience nd knows where to land so that nothing should break. Wat a mercy shown by man who sat on your stomach for more than 6 hours and that too 3 times heavier than you. Not only this, after 6 hours, he used me as his human couch and slept on me for 1 more hour.

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  • We all have some horror that we went through in our past but are not able to reveal. In my case it was a nasty woman who had me when I was 15. While walking down in a crowded market she groped me from behind and threated me that she would squeeze my b**** if I shout or alarmed anybody meanwhile she kept on using my body the way she wanted and then left me as soon as she was done. This happened bcuz she knew I had a low self esteem and would not respond back. Yes I had a erection but I was terrified more what was going on. I went back home and started weeping like a sissy child. But know I look for the same woman as I do get turned on what happened so far.

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