I got caught again.

My brother in law caught me masturbating once a couple years ago and again last night, I was sleeping on the couch downstairs and we had watched a movie then they went to bed and all the kids were asleep so I was laying back, Legs spread with a hand towel under my butt watching p*** on my phone, Boobies out, the whole bit just laying back rubbing myself and all of a sudden he said "S***...Sorry...F***...".
I quickly covered up but I know he seen everything then he grabbed his phone out of the cup holder and held it up saying "Sorry...I just..." and held his phone up before pretty much running upstairs.
My sister could barely contain her laughter as she told me he told her all about it the next morning and how he thinks I may be a serial masturbator, or trying to get caught.
I apologized and she said "Oh god, I don't care, He is more worried about you thinking he is trying to catch you than anything".
So embarrassing.



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  • When I was younger, 14-15 I used to get a little too excited sometimes and c** in my sheets and underwear. I'd been a pretty regular bedwetter up to just a couple of years before, and was still kinda accident prone. Being more embarrassed of my mom seeing that I had c** all over my bed than finding I'd had another accident, I'd intentionally pee in the bed to cover up what I'd done. It got so that I'd been dryer from 11-13 than I was from 14-15 because I so often I'd promise myself I wouldn't go all the way...but then couldn't stop, c** all over my underpants and sheet, and later I'd wake up and pee the bed to cover it up. Id always tell myself I wasn't gonna go all the way, but half the time I'd get to the point of no return and think "well, I'll c** in my pants, but I won't press down against the mattress so at least it wont get on my sheets too...then I'd be doing it, and pressing down hard as I could...i think I liked the back pressure created by pressing myself so firmly into the sheet/mattress protector.

  • Mil s**

  • I got caught jerking off but I got busted for what i did with my c**! they seen me scoop up all the c** and swallow it down! I got caught by my sister and she about squirted at the sight of my c*** shooting a gallon of c**. I love my c** and after seeing my sister see me eat my load,she made small talk with me but i grabbed her hand and said sis im sorry but i love the taste of c** and I really am turned on by you watching me load off and eat it infront of u! She moaned as i told her i want to suck her husbands d*** with her and let me eat the c**! My sister nipples were hard as she rubbed her hand by my c***! I said oh baby let me taste your daughter cream pie or sons little c***! I said instead of tasting your husbands c*** lets tast your sons c***! At PE we will see him and you work your magic and we both could suck his c*** clean! Taste his c** in my mouth and kiss you!

  • One time I was caught by my mother in Law, she was staying at our house for vacation. My mobile rang and she bought it to me.. she just walked in. Gave me the phone and said sorry.. She was looking at me.. she walked out the door but peaked her head one more time before closing it.. Maybe she just wanted to be sure she did see me naked??

    After the first time she walked walked into the room more times than usually.. saw me a few times more. Never stayed or anything was more like walking in putting clothes away and walking out.. small glimpse of what I was doing.

  • I was caught masturbating twice by my dad when I was 14, once in my bedroom and one in the living room watching p***. Both times I was completely naked with everything on display - b****, p****, the lot. He was pretty good about it, he just it is normal although he did take a dim view of the p***.

  • Hi you there xxx

  • Oh don't worry I don't how many times I got caught jerking it my brother even told me he was going to tell on me but then he blackmailed me for a while till I finally told him go ahead I don't care oh my younger years

  • My father use to sleep next to me and after assuming that he is sleeping i would flip on bed and would start rubbing my d***. Few days later i was helping him to move some heavy stuff but i wasn't , father said leave it as it is you're to weak to move it now...i was embarrassed he knew that every night i j*** off :(

  • I got caught one time about a year ago when I stayed at my sisters in the basement, I had left my blinds open since the window faces the back yard and it is fenced, The next day my sister told me I should close my blinds at night and explained that her husband had gone out to the garage for something and walked right past my window.
    I don't know how much he seen or if he watched but I know if he did I put on a full show.

  • We all m********* sometime so why hide it. Maybe it was so non no growing up and past down generations.Be free enjoy the moment it is a great stress release.

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