Oh goodness that's embarrassing.

My husband and I stayed at my sisters place last night, This morning she came to our door, Knocked and woke me up, She told me the coffee was ready and stood there talking to me for a couple minutes as I slowly woke up, After she left I went to the bathroom and when I returned I was like "Oh s***", My husband was laying there with the sheets half off and his "Morning wood" as he calls it was out on full display.
I am not going to say that he is some freak of nature or hung like a black p*** star or anything but is the biggest I have been with, I have never verified but he claims 8 1/2" and realistically I would say he is probably 8" and has a nice p**** as far as penises go, He is circumsized and it is straight not curved weird or anything and his girth is his most impressive feature, He is quite proud of it but is not one to show it off.
I kicked his foot and he wiggled, I said "Hey..." and he stopped snoring, I tickled his foot and he jumped a bit then opened his eyes and looked at me saying "WTF", I giggled and said "Your d*** is hanging out", He tucked it in and I told him my sister had been in the room already, He muttered "S***" and rolled over, I went and poured a coffee and came back, I was laying in bed drinking my coffee and looking at my phone when I heard, Lets say noises from the room next door, My husband reached over and put his hand up my shirt and I slapped it away and then he laid there, It was very quiet in the apartment and unfortunately I could hear what was going on.
Apparently my husband heard it too because he opened his eyes and looked at me, I looked at him and he raised his eyebrows, I scowled at him and he mouthed "What?", I was just sitting there in disbelief that my husband and I were laying in bed listening to my little sister doing that after she had walked in on him just 10 minutes before, We could just hear some breathing and rustling and I couldn't believe how not sound proof her walls are and then there was some....other sounds and some muffled whimpering and my husband looked at me and mouthed "Is she crying?", I mouthed "Nope...Not crying" and his eyes got wide.
As if that wasn't enough we laid there for a few more minutes and then her phone rang, She answered and said "No s***, Not even kidding" so she had obviously been texting someone and then they called, She said "Yeah, they slept here last night and I walked in on him this morning" at that point I set my coffee down and was going to go tell her we could hear her but my husband grabbed my arm, I gave him a "Really?" look and he let go, My sister said on the phone "Like Fing huge...I don't know but it is so big", I went to her door and knocked, She said to come in so I opened the door and she had her blankets pulled up, Obviously naked.
I whispered to her "We can...Uh...Hear you", Her face dropped and she just hit end on her phone, She looked so upset and I was the one who apologized, Now I'm like (Why did I apologize) but anyway, she hid in her room for a long time and when she came out she was so red faced and wouldn't look my husband in the eye, Oh goodness I feel for her.

Jun 5, 2019

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  • That's an amusing story. It's always a thrill to see c*** you're not supposed to see. Once I saw a friend's husband by accident--walked in on him changing--and my heart skipped a beat when I saw that he was built like a soda can down there.

  • He is so gonna end up.banging her!! Hes gonna taste her sweet puss and then its game over for you b****!!!!!

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