Judging by reading the posts there are quite a few posts with the similar subject of husbands getting off on things there wife's get up too . Now me personally I love my wife and would not want anyone to lay a hand on her , But other guys looking at her trying to look down her top or up her skirt does not bother me . In fact I feel proud she's my wife and it's a kind of a compliment that other men want to look at her , My wife doesn't even notice guys looking at her to be honest , Well me and my wife got talking about what I wanted for my birthday . She suggested boudoir photos of her and I thought yes I would like that , I was surprised because my wife is really quite shy . I've taken many photos of my wife in various states of undress , One thing I do know it turns her on and leads to well you know . Anyway we found such a photographer and we booked a photo shoot and i was allowed to watch the shoot . He was quite cheap because my wife would do her own hair and make up and outfits it was reasonable , When we got there he made us feel quite relaxed we had a couple glasses of wine then he looked through my wife's outfits . He picked out what he said would be perfect , This was all black underwear comprising of her black uplift bra her thong a thick suspender belt that looked like a miniskirt stockings and stilettos . When she finally appeared she looked fantastic very shy and nervous thou , Once the camera was clicking and the photographer was talking to her and complimenting her she relaxed . Then he said undo your bra my wife looked nervous he said it's ok just undo It and lower the front a little bit , My wife did what he said he took some more shots then said lose the bra my wife looked at me for support . He said to me up to you both and i said it's ok with me , My wife dropped her bra he then said lick your fingers and rub your nipples . He took more photos my wife was looking a bit turned on I know I was , Then he said it's up to you both we have ten minutes left shall we lose the thong . I said to my wife it's up to you im ok with it , My wife stood up then took her thong off . He said thats much better he then took lots of photos of my wife , He said ok last couple of shots imagine I'm not here show your husband your dirtiest pose . She opened her legs wide he said ok that's good for the first time he was quite course with her , He said by the way you've got love!y T - - - and I think you two need a room your making my chair wet . We got a room ?

Sep 1, 2018

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  • When my wife wanted a tattoo, I told her she could, but then she showed me where she wanted it and that was right alongside her v***** on her pelvis.
    I thought she was kidding since she doesn't shave and she is even more bushy that most females.
    I just laughed at her, thinking she was messing with me.
    A couple of weeks later she asked me to go with her to the tattoo parlor we have locally. So, what the h***, see what happens, right?
    There was some burly biker type guy and a younger fellow that looked to be maybe 20, the big guy said he was called "Squibbs" and his helper was Daniel, if you find the place with those names, yep, that is them.
    Squibbs suggested they take a look with biggest s*** eating grin, no way was my wife going to drop her jeans and panties in front of these guys but she did, hair and all. The guy told her the hair had to go, next thing I know she is lying there while he lathers her up and shaves her. He was not very cautious of where he put his fingers, either.
    Then he told her he would just do a drawing for now, she could wear it for a few days to be sure she liked it. So, he did the drawing, a small ring of flowers, colors very bright. The whole time she lay there with her legs spread, the three of us looking at her bare p****. Not embarrassed one bit. But now, the drawing has mostly faded and she hasn't mentioned getting the tattoo done.
    Besides, the guy charged $60 for the drawing, lord knows what he will want for the real thing. I also took a bunch of photos, one with the bald back of the guy's head, face maybe three inches from her p****, that one is pretty hot.

  • I’ve been wanting to get that for my wife. But only with a male photographer. Something about that is hot. I think the thought of her feeling attractive in front of another man is what does it. The only thing is that whenever I price it out it’s upwards of $500

  • Wish my wife was that easy to persuade. The only problem is that photographer has copied for his on pleasure and thevinternet.

  • My wife's boudoir session was an awesome gift. She will get them out and stroke me while I look at them. The gift that keeps on giving.

  • If only my wife would

  • Sounds like a hot time . I would have been hard as a rock if it was my wife he was taking pictures of!

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