My friend's Mom

I went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, for those of you who don't know we have a really big sports community. Back during 2007-2009 I lived with 3 other guys, lets call them Ben,Jamal and Sean,in a 5 bedroom house. We lived right by the stadium, so we would always have big pregame things and there was always a huge crowd of people out during home games. Every year they have a "Parent's Day", where badger parents are supposed to come to the games.

So, I believe it was 2008, I was sick as s*** this saturday. We had all gotten really drunk the night before, and I already had a cold so I just ended up selling my ticket to the game to one of our mutual buddies, lets call him Brian. He was planning on coming to pick it up early in the morning.

Meanwhile, Ben's parents and his two younger, still college age, sisters show up. His parents are in their late 40s I'm guessing. My roommates, and Ben's parents are all pregaming and I'm feeling a little better, so I'm in the kitchen trying to eat something while they get drunk. As it turns out the mom isn't really a big football fan, but they got the ticket so she's going to just go with everyone else. Brian shows up with his buddy to pick up the ticket, and get's introduced to everyone and has a couple beers.

The buddy get's to talking about how he's p***** he didn't get season tickets and can't find one. So the mom offer's to give him her ticket,she tells her husband they can go and have fun and she'll just go shopping or maybe just stay here and sleep a little. Her family is cool with it, so they end up leaving with Brian and his buddy to walk to the game. She stays at our house with me,Jamal and Sean, all of us are black.

At this point the mom keeps on drinking with Jamal and Sean. She asks us do we smoke weed, we say yeah and roll a blunt.After this,I go back to my room and lay down and play some video games. At some point, I want to smoke another blunt with them and realize that none of them are in the kitchen. So I figure they're in their rooms. I go to Seans door to ask him to play some Halo and smoke, no answer. Same with Jamals. So I'm, like well maybe they left to go get food, so I text them like, "where are you guys at?" and then go back to my room. I get a text from Sean like five minutes later that says, "beating Ben's mom s*** up". So I kind of laugh it off, and ask them did they go to get food, and to bring me something back if they did.

Then I hear Sean calling me from in the house, so I get up. It's coming from our spare bedroom. As I get up to the room, I can hear springs just creaking. I open the door and there lays Ben's mom, a****** naked, getting DP'd by my roommates. I'm like Holy F***. And she's moaning saying she loves being stuffed with black c*** and how she wants all her holes full to the brim. I'm like, well I'm sick, I don't wanna get you sick.

I politely close the door, get dressed, and get the f*** out of the house. I end up going to my female friends house to smoke a blunt with her, and I tell her the story. Long story short, they f***** ben's mom, took pictures and all kinds of s***.She was into some really freaky s***. She actually started regularly showing up at our house, under the guise of visiting her son, to f*** my roommates. Ben eventually found out after about a year of them reaming his mom every other weekend, but he was p***** at her more than Jamal and Sean.

He found out because she came up one weekend and thinking he wasn't going to be there all weekend, and he showed up back at the house mid-coitus.

Feb 23, 2020

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