Middle aged mum and her labido

I am a late 40s mother of two late teens, one of each.
My lad is a tall handsome man, my girls busty blonde all boys drool over. I have been blessed with great kids. My daughter is aittle bigger than me in the b*** del being a ff where I am an e. The men in my family have also been blessed. I rember seeing when I was young.
My s** life was non existent except for a quickie every other month from my hubby.

He I'd a successful man in work but ways works away. This year my s** life got a real kick start and he is now reaping benefits but he doesn't know why.

In June my kids decided to have a BBQ. The day came and I decided to go out to a friends. They didn't want an old frump about. My son after a long debate when I was leaving asked me to stay. Long story short I invited my friend over instead so I wouldn't be alone.
The boys and girls ended up in swimwear with it being hot. Some didn't leave much to the imagination and same with the boys.
We both had bikinis tho I wore a beach blouse to cover my figure
Drink flowed from 6 pm and loads of dancing and laughter. Few party games a bit of flirting between us 7 females and the five boys.
Even my straight laced friend was having a laugh.
One girl suggested a swapping and kissing dance. Basically dance with opposite s** for a minute kiss and swap to another do the same.
On came bad medicine bon jovi. Ten of us started dancing close and raunchy first boy kissed me but I was little shy and was a long fumble lip peck. As about to change I saw others full on snogs even my mate. Next boy missed me and our tounges moved round each other and I felt a strong tingle through me.
Swap to next boy. Omg my son swings into my arms. A peck on lips as I tried to redirect my face and he hugged me and missed my mouth but kissed my neck for the duration.
As time to swap again I noticed one girl was topless and one of my b**** was nearly out.
Still look of shock on his face from either my b*** or the dance and I was swiftly kissed by the next boy. I had no time to think. But realised this one was aroused. But I was as well.
Last swap and dance with Lee. A really tall gentle boy compared to my 5ft3 height. He held me and kissed me I just melted. He pulled my bikini top up and I didn't resist. Others were topless and he picked me up with his hand supporting by my cheeks and his fingers very close to me.
The song finished and a woo hoo went up. One girl said good job it wasn't sucking. I was bemused as two boys dropped their shorts with erections. I suddenly understood. There were five boys with full shorts.
I went into kitchen to calm down and get a drink. My daughter asked if I was OK as I went past. I was OK just flushed and a roused. My son came in to ask if I was OK. I said yes just a bit light headed. He gave me a hug and apologised for the party game. I said I had seen done worse and laughed. I was still topless and I told him to go back to his friends and would be out in bit.
I watched them all for 10 minutes as tho the game hadn't taken place at all. Girls put their tops back on and more dancing. I couldn't get kissing 4 boys out of my head. My friend was enjoying the attention. I put one of my sons t shirts on from the basket. Had a few more dances and ended up sitting on lees lap. We talked about allsorts and kissed. It was dark but the moonlight and patio lights lit the garden. I saw my friend getting it on with one of the boys. I hadn't seen s** in years and it aroused me. Others were drinking or kissing and I said if he wanted to go to bed
I looked at my friend again making love and walked pastmy daughter who winked at me.
Up stairs I leant over to close the bedroom window. I am loud in s**. As I did I looked down at my friend who was riding my boy. Mixed emotions ran through me and we looked up. As he did I felt my bikini bottoms pulled down and a tongue lick between my cheeks exploring. And fingers entering my front
I came there and then. I needed to get the image out of my mind. Watching s**, not d******, but the accidental view always turned me on. But not my boy surely. I lay on the bed beckoning my young lover. He stripped off pushed his shorts down and I saw the biggest one I had ever seen.
My husband is big and all my male family members have big members. Yes seen most of close families penises. This was a monster. Three hours he came four times and i most my count. He couldn't get it all in due to hitting the top giving me sweet pain and pleasure
I woke at 8 am. Most of others had left and gone home. Downstairs was my daughter and one lad and my son laying with my friend and another girl. Never seen so much naked flesh.
After half hour and some coffees my friend helped clean up downstairs. My son walked the other girl home
My daughter came upstairs and we looked at Lee just drinking some water lying on my bed. My daughter looked at me and said did you take all of that? Lee piped up my fantasy. And he started yo rise. In cold light of day realised how big he was again. I wanted him but I was a bit stretched there. My daughter looked at me and I just saw wicked look she had. She went over and gave him a bj. I left them to it. I went downstairs. They came down 20 Mns later.
It was a weekend that broke my boundaries rejuvenated my s** life, boosted my confidence. Lee admitted he had crush on me since seeing me on school run. He had changed from geeky blonde small boy to a towering 6ft 5 hunk. I still see him about and have met up a couple of times. I now wear stockings and suspenders again
The kids have been sworn to secrecy. But we have bad a simar BBQ at one of sons mates.

Why have I shared this? Since June I have become that sexual woman again the one my husband loved the one I loved. Tho he knows of my kinky past taking part in various parties before marriage he still thinks I became the perfect mum.


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  • Hot. Now follow up with your son

  • Wow, that made me throb! So hot. I wish my girls were so wild.

  • What a nice family

  • Have s** with me please

  • I have been enjoying s** so much more after my sons BBQ party. Inhibitions have definitely dropped to where they were in my teens.
    My husband has no idea but he loves the new me and how I am now. I wear less and sexier clothes. Even pleased him when cooking in kitchen doing family Sunday roast
    I still see my young lover as well

  • You sound like a lot of fun keep it up im sure i will if you write more.

  • My daughter thinks I am a boy magnet like her now Lol. We were out last night and got chatted up by one bloke

  • What do you look like? the magnet for the guys that is.

  • 5 ft 3 in no shoes
    Dark wavey hair long to middle of back.
    Light olive complexion

  • You sound hot just thought it could be some harmless fun.

  • Sounds nice was glad i asked you.

  • Let me contact you be nice to chat of here if you wanted?

  • What you want to know

  • Would love to see a picture of you to how sexy you are.

  • Can i join u

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