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Having other men looking at your partner you should take it has a compliment and enjoy the moment , Feel proud for your partner and that she is with you not them . Now me personally I'm a very jealous person a little controlling but I love my wife , So me having thoughts of my wife being naughty in different scenarios is very strange but it does turn me on . On saying this it's just a fantasy unless you act on it over the last few years that's what I've done if a opportunity arises , Not necessarily watching your wife have s** with someone but not being her normal descent self . Now we went out one evening for a drink with are next door neighbour it was his birthday , My wife got a little bit worse for wear when we got home we had a few more drinks . Now are neighbour was always complimenting my wife and would stare at her constantly , This time he said she had great legs and that her high heeled shoes enhance the look . Her skirt was a normal length I said to Andy are neighbour you want to see her in her micro mini skirt , Andy said I would love to see her in that my wife said that's too short I said go on show Andy it's his birthday . My wife would only wear this skirt for me when we was in are home fooling about , So we convinced her to put it on when she appeared Andy could not take his eyes off her and kept complimenting her . I made her walk up and down so Andy could look at her , Next thing I think Andy was trying his luck he said my wife had nice b**** did she have anything to wear to show them at there best. If my wife was sober she would not be doing this I said her wonder bra with a blouse with a couple of buttons undone looks hot , Again we convinced her to put it on she looked really sexy she only ever wore this with me that's what made this kinky . Again she walked up and down Andy was loving it eventually I said to her to sit on my lap , She said she would be showing her knickers before I could say anything Andy said that's ok we don't mind . My wife sat down Andy was staring at her crutch my wife had a little thong on so there was not much material hiding her baldness . This felt wrong but exciting my wife went to stand up , I pulled her back she fell back awkwardly showing her thong to Andy he was getting a bit cheeky but that made it hornier . He said what a beautiful view my wife was in my arms she started to fall asleep , Andy said undo a couple more buttons so I did then he said more I undone all of them showing her bra . I pulled her legs open Andy was looking at her crutch then me then back at her crutch this went on for a while , Then he said go on I pulled the material of her thong to one side exposing her to him he stood up I said No you cant touch her . Has I said this my wife woke up and went to the the bathroom Andy left until next time maybe .

Oct 18, 2018

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  • Let your wife pull her thong to the side next time and let him touch her.

  • Many men have the same fantasy to see their wife with another man

  • I enjoy showing my wife off. I forced her to wear miniskirts for years. I enjoyed her being uncomfortable.

  • Please tell more

  • They appreciate it more when you do it

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