Mother in law has a crush on me?

My wife and I have been together for 4 years and I would say we have a pretty stable relationship. We’ve been living with my wife’s mom for a few years while we’re saving for a house so I see her around a lot. My wife and her mother are both very attractive women, it’s clear where she got her looks from. When we initially started living with her she was living with her boyfriend whom she later dumped after she said “there had been some issues for a while”. She’s a very successful, strong woman but, she lacks a little self confidence in her appearance and will frequently put herself down. After her boyfriend moved out I took every chance I could get to tell her (very politely) that she is still very attractive and needs to stop putting herself down. She actually started complimenting me first. Often when I wear something nice out with her daughter or lounging around the house she’ll stop to say “wow you are so handsome!” Once she walked into our room to tell us something while I was changing and my wife was on laying on the bed. I don’t remember what she wanted originally but I was in boxer briefs that very clearly highlight my bulge (I have to wear them because other types of underwear cause me testicular pain, nobody really knows why) . She was holding a glass of wine and sounded a bit tipsy, she stared at my bare chest for a while and her eyes clearly moved down to my bulge where they rested a good 5-10seconds before she said “wow ____ you really are so handsome” then she seemed to maybe have a moment of clarity and kind of laughed and before saying “goodnight” and walking off to bed. Lately I’ve been helping her around the house while my wife works on her hobbies. It’s been very hot here so I wear light shorts to prevent myself from over heating and unfortunately they don’t hide my spontaneous erections very well which made me kind of nervous to help out around the house. I have a very high s** drive and all it take is the fabric rubbing against me at the right moment to give me an embarrassing erection. So I’m helping her around outside cleaning up the weeds and I get one of my signature spontaneous erections, I’m suddenly very nervous because what if she sees and gets the wrong idea? I walk away to try and hide it but this is one of those boners that is determined to make a fool out of you and there was no easy way for me to just walk into the house so I’m stuck outside with it. After weeding a bit away from her hoping she wouldn’t see I eventually had to make my way past her to throw away all of the weeds I had picked. To my surprise she looked down at my crotch as I was walking and then began to make conversation with me occasionally glancing down at the bulge in my pants. After that happened it seemed like she started bending over in front of me very often with low cut tops displaying her cleavage, or bending down in a skirt right in front of me knowing full well it would show her butt. She seems especially happy while doing this too, always smiling at me as she comes up and making conversation. We’ll sit together in the garden while my wife is upstairs and she’ll keep her legs spread wide so I can see her crotch. We’ll make eye contact after I’d been staring at it and she’ll just smile and make no attempt to cover up or close her legs so I feel like it might be deliberate?

To be clear I wouldn’t let this go any further if there is something there I just want to know if I’m misreading things.


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  • Don't think you are misreading things ,if I was you ,get right in there.

  • Jake the Jackal coming back with an update.

    Over the last month or more she has walked in on me masturbating once, I think she saw everything but I'm not entirely sure, neither of us ever said anything about it.
    BUT just today I walked upstairs to find her naked after a shower in full view in her doorway and we made eye contact. Once again neither of us said anything... She is absolutely gorgeous, I almost couldn't breathe when I saw her, totally perfect b******, wish I got a better peak below but I was trying not to linger.

  • The next time she spreads her legs for you, tell her "great view ," I'll bet she will be grinning from ear to ear. If I were you I would also be grinning from ear to ear. Move toward her and ask for a closer view.

  • I don't think she is interested, but perhaps just likes to flirt. She knows that you got hard as a rock for her, though, and likely was flattered that she had that effect on you. She probably thinks you are charming.

  • Yes she is interested and she isn't hiding it from you. The next time she spreads her legs for you tell her great view, see what she says . You should be careful, you are only a man and as an attractive woman she knows how to use her looks to nail you.You are her prey, her target . Before you know it you will be in bed and underneath her having s**.

  • Next time, tell her 'that's just the wine talking...' Let her argue to the contrary.

  • She's just being nice. She's not as interested in you as you would hope, not by a long shot. She's toying with you; she's the cat, and you're a mangy rat-ass mouse. Think about it. Why would she be interested in YOU? You don't even have a place to live, which means you have a s*** job and insufficient education. You're not a catch, and so she has no serious interest in you, when she could go out and get a real man. You're kidding yourself.

  • All replies have been to the point.
    I feel that let her make the first move.It doesn't appear to be just flirting she is resorting to. Otherwise,she wouldn't make it so obvious to spot your Eiffel Tower and smile.When we spot a cleavage,we don't make it so obvious-do we?Your wife,her daughter,is what she is worried about.
    When wifey is away,she might make the first move.It's up to you to enjoy her or not.As long as wifey doesn't get to know(m-in-law shouldn't blabber to her),there is no danger to your marriage.

    You are in an enviable position.Act wisely and enjoy if she willingly submits herself.Just make sure -as I have pointed out--that no one talks about the new adventure.She shouldn't make her fascination with you obvious in front of her daughter if she wishes to enjoy the in -house encounters of the pleasant kind.

    Don't worry about losing her if you don't make any move.She wants you.How long is she going to control herself is the moot question.

    Update us about this calling yourself --Jake the Jackal-- so that we can identify you better.Good luck.

  • Lol

  • It sounds like she had a crush or just looking for some attention. I had a similar experience with a ex girlfriend's mother and did have s** with her on a frequent basis. Luckily my girlfriend at the time didn't find out and still doesn't no to this day. So, if you did decide to do anything with your mother in-law make sure she can keep a secret!

  • How did you initiate?

  • I used to get on really well with my ex's mother and we would quite often share a drink together when my girlfriend was at work on night shift. One night we had a few too many and we kissed and we ended up in bed together. So that's basically how it started. We slept with each alot and we did feel guilty but couldn't stop ourselves. I would never want my ex to find out because it would destroy her relationship with her mother, so it remains a secret to this day.

  • Continue to flirt just to see how far she takes it. then you will know if its deliberate

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