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I have a question more so than a confession. Men or women please feel free to answer and be nice. I want to know if a man going to a strip club getting lap dances is considered cheating? I am not feeling very comfortable about this.

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  • as long as your not payin for a b****** in the alley afterwards it's a green light!!!

  • It is cheating to me. I am a man and I would not do that to my wife. It might be hot, but I already know it would bother her. If it would bother her, it is essentially a form of cheating. If it would not bother the spouse/girlfriend, then go for it.

  • The rest of the world may think it's not cheating, But what matters is what she thinks. The fact that you had to ask if it was cheating or not means you have doubts.

  • Thank you so much for you honest responses. I'm actually a girl and I asked because my boyfriend was invited to go and when it was presented to me I was extremely uncomfortable. Thank you guys again! You're the best!

  • Cheating 100%. You are fantasizing with another woman other than your wife or gf. That is the meaning of cheating...visualizing yourself doing something with another woman. Whether or not your getting turned on your still undressing that woman with your eyes. the only woman you should be undressing is your wife. Heck even your conscience is making u feel uneasy because its not right!

  • It's definitely cheating, no doubt about. I'm generally pretty lenient about mistakes and stuff, but deliberately letting another have sexual contact with him is cheating.

  • cheating
    unless u feel comfortable with tellin her that u r doin that.

  • Forget these other comments, I would consider that cheating. Any way you look at it it's physical/sexual contact with someone who is not his spouse. I would raise h*** unless he asked me if it was ok first.

  • no it not , and i'm a women .

  • No it's not cheating. That's entertainment

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