I want to be pretty too

I wish every day, to not cry every time I look in the mirror and realize I can never get rid of this face ...I have a really bad lazy eye and people stare at me.i feel ugly
I'm tired of my friends reassuring me "you look fine" knowing behind my back its alot of stuff said....I'm crying while typing this, because for years I've been bullied all through elementary to today in highschool....I want to feel pretty...I want to be able to be confident
People ask me how I got it, it was from birth...my eye doctor considered surgery but there would be complications if it didnt work......I'm stuck with this.....i see how i look from others looking at me from their POV its horrible....pictures I take its obvious...my so called best friend made fun of me....its ridiculous..
I wish I could wake up one day a different person.

Nov 11, 2018

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  • I’m guessing you’re pretty young. Like a teenager or young adult. Good news: that sort of s*** matters less as you get older and everybody turns ugly sooner or later.

  • Thanks i really enjoyed your pain

  • A******.

  • Yes my dear that is absoulte truth that you are ugly and will remain to be no body wants to be with you drop dead rather than facing the same again and again

  • Do you realise your the biggest oxie moron on the planet. if brains were dynamite. you would not have enoufgh to blow up a smartie and you are lower that a snakes belly...

  • You fool dont you get it this is a fake post my some attention seeking a******. okay...ask her for her picture

  • Lame

  • Go f urself then lame lover

  • ? what you can tell when people are looking for attention or not. if it is the case and this is true. would you not rather encurrage somebody. there is enoufgh s*** going on in the world. be an encurrager instead of a discurrager. good luck and take of yourself...

  • You enlightened me sweetie i want to marry you tho you're more ugly than anyone

  • I have above average looks but still have no one to talk to me...what could be the possible reason, can you tell me ? sweetie, it is the beauty inside which actually matters. we are surrounded by morons who just appreciate outer looks because they have l*** on their mind and soul. This problem persists because the people whom you call as friends are actually j****** and you need to leave their ass quickly. Will you share your pic with me , if it is ok with you ?

  • Well done hun and im a mommy of three girls. middle daughter has a lazy eye and suffers so bad with her confidence. my heart breaks reading this and wish i could give you and other young girl a hug petal. i send yous bought my love xxxx

  • Well thank you so much ummm....i am actually a grown man so in case you still want to hug me please do it but dont forget to kiss me and i ll pray for your princess.

  • That would be fine and im a single mom huggs and kisses...

  • Omg so there is a vacany of a father how can i apply for it?

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