Noahs ark nonsense

Ok the bi bull says that the entire earth was covered with water. That means the water was above Mount Everest. After it quit raining the earth dried up. So uh where di the water go? Believers say the fountains of the deep plus the rain accounted for the water.

So reading that explanation it looks like God pushed the water up from the inside of the earth and then pulled the plug when he wanted the water to go away.

If Noah released the animals at Mount Ararat why are the animals of the earth so diverse? Why no pumas in India for instance. Why no African elephants grazing in America?

If the bible story is true how did 8 families in just six thousand years generate over two billion people on the earth?

If you look hard you will find written evidence of civilizations that existed during the time the earth was supposed to be flooded.

Continental drift accounts for the sea fossils found on mountaintops. Every land mass was once underwater and vice versa.

Just a few questions for the fundies and Jehovah Witnesses to answer.

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  • I am no fan of fundies or JWs, but there are flood myths in many cultures. Just like Jesus, the story of the Ark is probably cobbled together from multiple earlier sources.

  • The water spilled off the side of Earth since it's flat.

  • You didn't mention the Unicorns. However modern scholars seem to agree that the original text was describing a re'em, wild ox or oryx , and the word 'unicorn' was used because those translating the Bible in the past didn't have an equivalent word to describe an animal which was not native to their location.
    Unfortunately that does not account for the absence of Kangaroos, despite the fact that they had existed for over 5 million years before the ark was allegedly built.

  • Global warming is a myth

  • And YOU are a fool if you believe that!

  • Https://

  • People of faith don't require facts or evidence. That makes them very difficult to reason with.

  • Don’t watch Evan almighty again and again

  • We are mere puppets in his hand stop messing up your mind go rape someone it feels good

  • I think you mix up religion and science.

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  • Pass the cookies. Another cup of tea anyone

  • Like the way you have it in Bible, we Indians have this story in "Bhaagwat" devoted to Lord Vishnu where he incarnated as a giant fish and the arc was pulled by him for years and years till earth came out of the water, tho your questions are relevant but I would say that God works in mysterious ways. Even I feel like raising so many questions on my religion itself, but what my conscience tell me is that first of all have him appear before you then ask as many questions as you want.

  • I like your answer to my post. Very enlightening but here's what really happened.

    There was widespread flooding worldwide but that's because there was a spike in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere caused either by a huge fire in Siberia or a volcanic eruption. The air heated up causing glaciers to melt and a bit more rain. Civilizations tend to build their cities and villagers tend to build their buildings near a source of water like a lake or near the ocean. Rivers and streams and the ocean level itself rose and destroyed many budding societies and civilizations.

  • Possibly could be the reason and thanks

  • Myths and stories tend to be a substitute for understanding of science and nature.

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