Bumper stickers

Our boss was a j*** so we were trying to figure out a way to get back at him. So one day we were working on a car that had a bunch of clothes in the trunk. They looked like no one really cared about them. My co worker Jim pulled out a nighty and I thought perfect. I took it and put in the passenger side door pocket on the boss's pickup truck. I knew eventually his wife would find it and flip out. Months had gone by and yes one day she reached done and found the nighty. She apparently started to question him about where it came from. He said he had no idea. But she was pretty mad about it. He asked us about it but I said who knows cause your truck is often used to drive customers back to work and things like that. He said his wife was pretty mad about that.

Then one day Liza a cute sexy girl who worked at the auto glass place stopped in to see us. I had the bright idea to have her call the Boss's house and ask for him. We knew he wasn't home and when his wife asked who's calling she would say, " that's ok I see him later anyway." Then Liza hung up. So she said ok I'll do it. About 30 minutes later the boss showed up and his beeper was going off like crazy. I was standing right next to him when he called home. I could hear his wife yelling and screaming at him. When he got off the phone he asked if a woman had called here for him. I asked you mean your wife? He said no just a woman. So I asked Jim if a woman had called for him. Jim said yeah someone called asked for him but didn't leave a name or number just hung up. The boss started calling women like his sister to see if it was her it was funny watching him trying to figure out who it was. But it was one more thing that made his wife mad and fun to watch him squirm like a toad.

Lastly one day we used some blank labels to make a bumper sticker and put on the back of his truck. It read " proud to be gay. Honk if your gay." So he drove all around town with it on. Later when he came back he said, " it was the strangest thing. I had people blowing their horns at me and people would pull up next to me and look over at me and smile and wave and it was just really strange. " So he said when he got out he happen to look and see the bumper sticker we made. He said you guys are so funny. I wondered what was going on. He knew we enjoyed a good joke. We couldn't deny that one. It was funny just wish we could have been there to see that one.

Nov 13, 2018

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  • Well you sure are a craaaaazy bunch of guys!!!

    What's wrong with the good old fashioned itching your a.r.s.e.h.o.l.e and wiping it round his mug routine? Or seeing as your in a garage,drilling a 0.5mm hole in his tyres for a slow puncture. Or going round his house when you know its only his wife there,and savagely beat her,slit her throat and pack her v.a.g.i.n.a with bars of soap?
    Just a suggestion 👍

  • Why the h*** is it so long?

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