Cousins feet

This isn't really a confession but a story for you guys so I hope you enjoy this as much as I do when I read them.

I'm a 15 yr old boy black hair medium height white skin and that's pretty much it I'm a A star in drama,a c in maths in science and the rest arnt important

I have two cousins

cousin one is tall white skin black hair with long black socks up to the knees and black trainers and she's 19 and black shoes she has size 7 (ish) feet with medium black painted toes and she's rather strong too ,I'll call her B

The younger cousin is 17 she also has black hair white skin normal small red socks and often wears black sneakers she's smaller with small (ish) feet I'm not sure what side with red nail polish
She always stays with B.ill call her S

So I was at my moms house in my room and my mom tells me to take something to my cousins house after a short disagreement I decide to go she says I minght as well sleep there because it's almost sunset and they live quite far away.after a hour or so of walking I arrive.earlier then I thought and no one is home so I'm stuck outside their house so I decide to try to put it through the letterbox but it was too big so on my way back I see B come back from work so I tell her why I'm here give her the letter and she opens the door and says come in I sit on her sofa and ask to turn on the TV she says make your self at home I say thanks B she's in her kitchen she sorts out every thing and sits down on her sofa to annoy her I put on spongebob she just laughs and takes off her shoes (her or S dosent know I have a foot fetish )I say OMG put on your shoes hoping she dosent but she just giggles and taps me with her foot she dose this about every five mins for about 15 mins I say can you stop please but she just dose it anyway she goes up stairs to do up my room or something then S arrived and was surprised and quietly did an evil happy laugh I just stared at her she said where's B I say upstairs or something she goes up but when she gets to the first step points at sponge oh and says turn that rubbish off with a death stare I just chuckle
It's about 1 in the morning so I turn off the TV and go upstairs I go in the room which dosent have B or Son it and it's an empty room with a blowup bed that hadn't been blown up and a sleeping bag I blow up the blowup bed and go sleep I woke to find I had been duck taped to the floor in my room hands and legs tied up I couldn't do anything even my mouth was tied up and I had a ball of something in my mouth but I just kept breathing out my mouth I couldent get to sleep and about an hour and a half S walked in and started teasing me she told me B had a small shift about an hour and she was going to the gym and said hang around smiling and shut the door I kept wriggling to try to get out eventually my hand got out but my other hand and legs were stuck down I heard the front door open with B talking to S but I didn't hear what she said eventually S came in and said do you want to stay on the floor or in the living room i try to say living room but I've been gaged so I just sort of roll she asks B to help her and they put me on the floor B seemed a bit shy and went upstairs but S just smiled saying more fun for me she rips off the duck tape of my mouth and removed a rolled up sock I try to roll away but B chuckles while bringing more ducktape down I try to escape but B is holding me down and I'm stuck on the living room floor B says I've just been work grinning I'm still confused but then S duck tapes my head so I can't move it B takes off her shoe I can smell it already and I say put it on omg she says ok and balances It on my nose I was the strongest sent of feet I've had the aroma was amazing B just laughs as I'm screaming random words eventually (about 10 mins)just say ok do what you want just tell me you'll let me go they laugh and S says she told my mom I'm stopping there's again S says be my slave and my mind minght change B replaces the shoe with her other one It smells stronger and I my c/?! Is killing me because I'm in tight jeans so it can't grow causing pain S just puts her shoes near the entrance an takes off her shoe from my nose S tells me to smell her sock I refuse but she puts her foot covering my nose it is about 2x as smelly as B'S but she then rubs her sweat on my face S B takes off her socks I get so exited but try to hide it But S sees me smieling and gets close and orders me to tell me why I'm smiling I refuse to say and she says ill force my sock in my mouth acting out for my reputation and not getting humiliated I say I'll get you back for this I smile again but not on purpose but I can now fully smell Bs feet B puts her sock in my mouth the sweat tastes heavenly and I'm so happy but suddenly S gets mad and says this is no fun and switches on the TV but B is still continuing
Be rubs her foot against my face I get so exited and I try to lick her foot and then i realise B and S noticed

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  • Do you even know what a period is? I don't mean the thing that girls get once a month.

  • Hahahaha

  • B S nice secret message lol

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