I got caught staring and they got the wrong idea

I was drinking and eating at a restaurant and bar when I saw a little girl in the arms of a man. The girl was looking at me and she looked like my first cousin's two-year-old daughter. The man she was with wasn't her father but he looked like her Uncle. Her uncle on her father's side lived in the same town as I do.

In the meantime, the Manager and a bartender saw me staring. After I finished eating I was told the manager had paid for the meal. That was their way of kicking someone out of the establishment.

I had had five beers and was a bit tipsy but not really all that drunk. I enjoyed eating and drinking there but when I got up to leave the manager told me he thought the restaurant would be better off without me. I knew why he said that but being tipsy I was in no condition to argue. I did ask him what I had done and he said "You didn't do anything. I just think the restaurant would be better off if you never came again. As he was walking away he told me that if I returned they wouldn't serve me.

That was eleven years ago. I never returned.

I am no pedophile. I like children but not in a bad way. I'm 72 and I have never done anything bad to a child or an adult for that matter.

Not sure why I posted this except as a warning not to stare as it can be misinterpreted.

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  • 2 is nice, especially no panties on

  • You can still be a pedophile and not a rapist

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