I made a huge mistake.

I moved in with my daughter and her husband 3 years ago after a medical condition left her unable to care for her children on her own, She has limited mobility and just needed some help. I took early retirement at 60 and moved to where they live taking over the mother in law suite in the basement, Over the course of time I know that my daughter and son in law who I love dearly have gotten to the point where they are not intimate anymore and I won't get into why but it is not anyone's fault.
I caught my son in law who as I said I love dearly but I caught him spying on me in the shower, I didn't say anything and just let it go but I did catch him a couple more times and as recently as yesterday morning. I spent most of the day contemplating what I should do or if I should do anything at all. I decided to talk to him about it and after my daughter went to bed I called him downstairs and sat him down. I just told him that I knew he had been watching me and he started to deny it but I told him it was ok, He looked confused so I explained that it was understandable that after a long time he would be sexually frustrated and he apologized explaining that "P***" doesn't do it for him and he is not interested in doing anything with another woman but that there is a familiarity, that other than the obvious 20 year age difference that my daughter and I look very similar, Apparently even undressed.
After a long talk I basically told him not to spy on me anymore, My mistake was saying "Spying is creepy, If you need...Help say so and...I don't know" but as soon as I said it I realized that it was the wrong thing to say, I didn't mean that I would "Help" him to get off but before I could retract my statement he stood up, Whipped his sweat pants down and said "Really, Like, Now?", I said "Oh, Wow...Uh, Not exactly what I meant". My son in law of 18 years was now standing in front of me with a full erection and was expecting something, I didn't even know what he was expecting but I was spinning a hundred different ideas in my head of how to get out of the situation without embarrassing him or myself and without hurting his feelings or our relationship.
Just as I was about to say something, I don't even know what he stepped up closer to me sticking his erection in my face, I grabbed the shaft with one hand and put the other hand over the end, I looked up at him to tell him to stop and he closed his eyes and whispered "Oh god your hands feel so good, It's been so long since I have been touched". In my mind I just went "S***". I was feeling awful but stood up and grabbed a towel out of the laundry, Sat down and laid it on my lap, He stepped up in front of me and I gave him a handjob while he stood there with his hand in my shirt grabbing my breast.
He put his hand on the back of my head and tried to push it forward, I looked up at him and shook my head no and just then he finished so thank goodness I said no, Unfortunately he missed the towel completely and I ended up having to change my shirt.
This morning he stopped to talk to me in the hallway and thanked me for last night, Well...If that wasn't awkward enough I think he is going to expect more.


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  • You say it was a mistake, yet you still sucked him off and now your on here tell us about it. Clearly you really want to f*** him. So stop acting like you're not going to and just go f*** him already.

  • Read the story idiot,she doesn't suck him off,she said no

  • Yes I don't think your going to unring this bell. He will be back in his desperation as he now has hope. We all error in the moment at times. Either you stick to your guns and say it was definitely a one off or work something out as it's always going to be on both your thoughts forever more.

  • I was f****** a friend of mine who only wanted to be f*** buddies. She was up front about it so I couldn't say anything about wanting more. When I met her mother and she looked almost exactly like her daughter I knew I had another option. I started hanging around and next thing I knew her mom and I were going out on dates. My friend was p***** when she found out and stopped having s** with me. But I was f****** her mother by this point so it didn't matter. Me and my friend both denied ever having s** to her mother.

    That was 14 years ago, and today I'm married to my friends mother. Even now my wife will sometimes out of the blue ask me or her daughter if we ever had s**. We still answer no ever time.

  • Sexual abusing you

  • He has no wife f*** right now and you don't have a hubby so why don't both of you help each other or you just be on bed with your legs wide open and allow him to do the rest of the job

  • I f***** my step daughter she used to walk around in just a T-shirt

  • Good job you taught her a lesson i hope she rolled in pain

  • ^^^^^ another idiot ^^^^^

  • You are just fuckingg jealous t*** that's what you are so fuckk urself with your judgements

  • Maybe he or she IS jealous, but you're still an idiot

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