My masturbation habits

Stopped work 5 years ago . I am 45 now .My husband has a good job and I was bored at work. we have always had good s** life usually 2 943 times a week. I have always masturbated but since not working I fear I have become obsessed. I m********* almost every day now and sometimes 2 or even 3 times a day.I am getting set and aroused while shopping waiting for kids at school almost anywhere and time. Am I alone in this or do others feel the same? Digitally enjoy masturbating and the risks I take in the car sometimes but is this unhealthy? My husband would be upset if he found out how often I do this.

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  • You wouldn’t have to play with yourself if I knew you. I’d come by every day and eat you out gently both front and back.
    Who do you think about when u play with yourself

  • Since you enjoy fingering your hot p*ssy a lot why not try this. Dress in a real short skirt and a nice pair of panties and go to a crowded shopping mall's parking lot. Then pull your panties down to your knees, pull up your skirt to your waist, roll down your window and begin fingering yourself and let people who walk by see you playing with yourself. I promise you that your o****** will be unbelievably intense. Regular s** will be boring after that.

  • I love to m********* love c****** hard thinking of f****** women in my family friends work friends x

  • You need to stop by taking some 1s help

  • I wish my wife did that.... dayum!

  • I masturbated a lot when i was away from my wife as i thought this will cool me off but it didn't . So , finally when i was home i almost raped her and i really enjoyed myself. What my wife told me that she needed that kind of treatment. I was shocked and turned on again and fuckedd her in all holes. I hope you got it. Happy f ucking

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