Husband's xmas card

I was cleaning the house yesterday when I came across a stack of mail, xmas cards, etc. One of the cards was addressed to my husband. It came from a woman from his office. Normally this would be no big deal, people send holiday cards all of the time, but this one has me suspicious.

The card was normal in the sense that she sent a pic of her family, but she also handwrote to my husband "Can't wait to meet you under the mistletoe at the company Christmas party next week" and the card was also obviously sprayed with perfume.

I asked my husband wtf this was about, and he denied that there was anything going on with her. I said "it's not normal that she wants to kiss you" and he played it off as being just a friendly inside joke type of thing. I also said it is not normal for a female friend to be sending a card to a male friend that is sprayed with perfume. My husband said it's no big deal.

I'm totally paranoid that there is more going on, and it's ruining my holiday. It also bothers me that I've met this woman before, and yes, she's very attractive. It p***** me off that she is flirting with my husband, though my husband doesn't think it is flirting. As a woman, I know what she is doing. Am I overreacting?

Dec 15, 2018

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  • I caught my husband at a New Year's Eve celebration we attended, off in a side room of the host's house, making out and dry humping (as the clock struck midnight) with the wife of his boss from work. I have threatened to leave him, he swears he was drunk and not thinking clearly, he says it'll never happen again (which I kind of believe: she is SOOO F****** OLD!), and I'm using it against him, at least for now. Anyway, these men of ours are just walking pieces of s***, and I hope your situation didn't spoil your Christmas or other holiday spirit. Good luck with yours.

  • Yep there is like WAY more cheating on New Years than Christmas. I know two couples who broke up over New Years party incidents than anything to do with Christmas.

  • now, the office Christmas party has come and gone. Please tell us what happened there. Please?

  • Maybe you should just feel lucky that the card wasn't a sonogram photo of your husband's baby inside her. My best friend from college got one of those at Christmas six years into her marriage. The other woman was a mean spirited older b**** who got her jollies wrecking marriages.

  • Please let us know what happened. This is such a wild story and an incredibly loving relationship that we all need to know where it leads. Please let us know!

  • He will f*** her simple

  • Hellioooooo

  • Hello

  • Why are you not offering up a threesome with you, the girl, and your husband. This is the time of year for giving. And sharing is caring..

  • Your husband needs to step up and say to you, and respond to her, that she's inappropriate. If he thinks it's no big deal, he wants into her pants as much as she wants into his, and that's not good for anyone. This is not high school anymore, folks.

  • ^this^ is so correct. nothing good can possibly come from this little game and so it should NOT be played. make them stop it.

  • You should make your husband write "never gonna happen" across the face of that card, put it back in its envelope, and then put it on her desk at work.

  • About 14yrs ago (when harassment was just becoming a problem issue in the workplace but long before #metoo) my husband got a similar christmas card in the mail from one of his female subordinates at work. actually he didn't receive it himself; it came to our home and I opened it (i have since been thankful that none of our children got to it first). it was a photo of the woman -- a woman i considered a friend at the time -- taken from behind her. she was completely naked, bent over at the waist, looking back over her shoulder and smiling brightly, with her hands pulling her p**** and a****** wide open, with a caption that said "come home for know where home is". when i confronted him with it he broke down and admitted the affair and that they planned to tell lies to get away from their families and spend christmas day and night -- in bed -- at a remote b&b outside the city. she later admitted that she sent the card to our house hoping that i would be the one who got it and opened it , and that it would destroy our marriage. it did. i divorced him. she divorced her husband. and they got married and had 2 children...…………. before she started up with another married man and dumped mine. when their divorce was final he asked me if he could come home. i laughed.

  • What I like to do with married men at the office Christmas party is to hang a piece of mistletoe over my cameltoe and watch them line up. I did that two years ago and my married boss brought me into his office to "correct" me, but wound up f****** me instead. His marriage didn't last long after that.

  • I’ve had women assume this would work with me, probably because my wife is pretty fat. Believe me, sometimes the desire is there but I’m no cheater. I’ve walked away from opportunities to cheat with hot women and walk inside my home just in time to see my fat wife finish off a piece of cheesecake that she doesn’t need and I just sigh. But I know it’s worth it to stay loyal and my wife deserves that much of me.

  • Don't be paranoid. Kissing a person under a mistletoe is no big deal, I've done it to guys that I haven't even liked (but for fun), and the perfume in a card is no big deal. Women do it all of the time. If she sent a pic of her family in the card, she is not going to get rid of her family for your husband.

  • She will have your husbands c*** in her mouth at the exmas party.

  • Loser.........muhahahaha

  • Although there might not be anything inappropriate going on, she's definitely flirting with your husband. She wants his d***. If your husband is a normal guy, he will cave at a chance to bone her. Keep an eye on them, and be well. She is total cancer, and don't ever be friends or go out to drink with her.

  • Everything you said is completely, totally and utterly correct about "the other woman" in this scenario.....except for the "cancer" part LOL. The last remark you made is especially prescient and insightful, and I know because I have so often occupied the role of "the other woman" in this situation. Advising the wife to avoid becoming entwined -- in any way -- with the woman coming after her husband is grand advice. I used that so often during my Days of Adultery that I can't even count the number or come close to guessing it. Being friends with your lover's wife is the very best way of getting information on him, and on THEM. It's like getting inside their marriage, where you can gather info, find the weak spots and exploit them, and use the knowledge to poison their relationship and stop him from caring about her or their children. (Yes, I've even used children against the parents LOL.....all in order to get a man!) Drinking with the wife is the best spy method available. YOU, my friend, are VERY wise.

  • If a man was sending scented cards with un-wanted romantic comments to a woman.....

  • No. No normal woman Would send such a card to a married man. This Biotch knew it would cause trouble. Your husband needs a new job!

  • It's me again....the extramp LOL. Yes, I used such cards to cause trouble in another marriage. A woman uses whatever is available. AND I LOVED CAUSING TROUBLE!!

  • Some people lose their minds over simple flirting over their own insecurities.
    Your insecurity is not your husbands responsibility to answer for if someone flirts with him. Get a grip it's flirting at best. Not a big deal unless you make it that way.

  • Yes honey he is cheating on you, feeling sorry for you. Soon there would be some perfume on your hubby’s dickk

  • Another good observation^. Yes, before a man left my bed or my house, I would always use subterfuge to apply copious amounts of my perfume to his d***. I wanted the wife to smell me on him. Naturally, I would smear my p**** juices and ass juices, as well. And I would have him rim me before leaving, so that when he arrived at home and kissed his biotch, she'd be tasting my sweet sweet a******. LOL

  • No, you aren't overreacting. What you think is going on actually IS going on. And you should insist that he end it, today, even if it is entirely one-sided and unreciprocated. If he won't end it, tell him you'll do it.

  • So naïve, darling^. If the wife ever came to me, I would know that I'd won. And I would then have the opportunity to say that to her face. I TOTALLY LOVED HAVING HER COME TO ME: THAT WAS AN ACT OF FORMAL SURRENDER. :) You, sir, are clueless abut women like me. Women like me get what we want! Every time. The wife of my affair partner was always just a toy to be shredded for my pleasure!

  • What did any of these wives ever do to you? Maybe have something you couldn’t? Was it perhaps your own inability to hold down a long term relationship that gave you pleasure in wrecking someone else’s? What a sad life.

  • Not sad at all, dear. I loved the thrill of victory, the victory in taking a man from a woman to whom he'd pledged his life, and then . . . . . wound up between my legs because that was a better place, a superior place, a sexier place, a more desirable place. Yes. VICTORY. The women never did anything to me. They just had the misfortune of having a man I wanted. What a win!

  • Well like I said above, I’ve had plenty of women like you assume they could pick me off. Some have just had that much confidence in themselves and others believed I was ripe for the taking because I’m married to a fat woman. And I’m not going to lie, there have been times the temptation has been great. A huge turning point for me was when a woman told me she wanted me to finger her so she could c** on my wedding band and leave herself all over something that was supposed to represent me and my wife. As hot as that was it actually made me sad the more I thought about it. I backed out and have been trying to focus on being happy with what I have.

    Anyway I shouldn’t be hostile to you. I just think it’s awful how you get pleasure out of s******* all over these women. At the same time I suppose I’m really not that different
    from you.

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