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Been married to my wife for 20 years now. She has an exhusband whom she divorced before we ever met. They had 2 kids together who are now adults. Her exhusband got married to another woman about the same time we got married and for 20 years things have been friendly. Not that we hang out or anything, but we all 4 attend the kids functions. About 6 months ago the exhusbands wife came I'll and died shortly after. Now the exhusband is having medical problems. My wife's kid called a few weeks ago and was crying about her dad being sick and said he needed someone to take care of him. She asked my wife, her mother if she would take care of him because he is very important in her life. At first my wife said no, but her daughter can be very persuasive when she wants something. Although I objected, my wife agreed to check in on him a couple times a week. Well that wasn't good enough for her daughter and she wanted her to check on him every night. I strongly objected but it did no good. My wife started going over every night to check on him. Well last Wednesday he evidently had a bad night and asked my wife to spend the night. She said no, but he called their daughter and she demanded that her mother stay, so she did. It's been a week now and my wife has yet to come back home. She's still at her exhusbands house. At this point I'm starting to question if there is really anything wrong with him. I'm thinking they are probably f****** and just using this whole illness thing as an excuse. So I texted her today and told her I was going to file for divorce if she didn't come back home. Now it's my fault and I'm an a****** for wanting her exhusband to die. F*** that, I'm going to see my lawyer tomorrow.

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  • I have news for you dude, your wife is f****** her ex. She can tell you she is only giving him a hummer, but she is f****** him.

  • And you’re ok with letting her suck his d***?

  • F*** no I'm not ok with it, but I can't stop her. Only thing I can do is divorce her.

  • OP here, just to give an update.
    My wife came home that night and we ended up have a long conversation. She proceeded to tell me that her kids couldn't care for their father and the only one who could was her. When I pressured her for the reason why she told me it's because he's having urinary problems and he has to use a catheter to pee. Seen as how my wife had already seen his d*** before and it made the kids uncomfortable, she was the logical choice to help him. Obviously she had been touching his d***, so I pressured her more to see if anything else had happened. Finally she admitted that one night his d*** was hard and she couldn't get the catheter in. She told him to j****** and make it go down but he whined until my wife agreed to help him. After a several minute her arm became sore and he still hadn't gotten off. So she decided to suck him off. I asked her if she swallowed and she asked me what else she was supposed to do, let him make a mess all over her. I asked her if she wanted to be with him and she told me no, she wants to be with me, but there is no one else who can take care of him. She has agreed to come back home and only check in on him. But she also said that if she has to suck him off again, she will because otherwise she can't get the catheter in. She promised me she is not having s** with him in any other way. Then she said if she were lying she would have never told me about sucking him off. I guess she has a point. So my wife is f****** me and sucking off her exhusband. According to her.

  • Sorry to tell you but she is already f****** him. She told you about sucking his c*** to judge your reaction. She sees you accepted that so even after telling you it won't be a one time thing ,that she will suck his c*** when ever he needs it . That was the green light she needed . her next excuse will be her jaw got tired and he still hadn't c** so she dropped her panties and rode his c*** until he filled her p**** with his c**, just so she could get the catheter in of course.

  • OP here, you are right, she was f****** him. She told me she wasn't going to spend the night again, but less than a week later she stayed at his house. She called to tell me he was having a bad night so she had to stay. It p***** me off so I went over there. Not one f****** light was on in the house even though she told me she would sit in the living room reading until midnight or later every night. Unbeknownst to them, I know the code to his keyless door entry system. I quietly punched in the code and entered the house, it was dark but I managed to find my way to the upstairs steps. About half way up I could clearly her my wife. She was moaning and it was evident she was having s**. I made my way over to the bedroom and opened the door, they never even noticed. I could tell two people were having s** but couldn't make them out so I flipped on the light, that's when they shockingly turned around and tried to cover up. Sure enough it was my wife on her hands and knees being f***** from behind by her ex.

  • Update please op

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