Ruining a family

I broke up a guy I used to be friends with and his wife. Within a month of me attempting to steal her from him, I had her in my bed. Now less than a year later her and I are living together. Now I’m attempting to sleep with her 21 year old daughter. I’m hoping to get it done within the next month or two. She’s a heavy drinker who loses all inhibition as soon as you get her on whiskey of any kind. I’m such a nice guy and give her rides home all the time from the bar, and help her up to her apartment to bed. Will keep this post updated as things progress.

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  • So to update. The daughter had a rough go when her recent b/f dumped her. She spent the weekend here at her moms. I spent most of said weekend with my face buried in her dirty laundry, or snuggling with her on the couch, which her mom thought was so precious. I’m slowly working my way into her pour broken heart lol. Will update again soon.

  • Update OP please!

  • How could you wanted to f*** up a home? You're a manwhore!

  • I hope you get her p**** and get a disease at the same time

  • I always love to blow up marriages. Always.

  • Jesus! This is sexy as all h***! I'm thrilled that you shared even this much with us, and YES! I certainly am looking forward to your occasional (or hopefully, frequent) updates on your progress with both the mother and the daughter. I think the possibility of you pulling a combo (doing both mom and daughter alternatively, without either knowing of the other) is highly likely. And something tells me, too, that -- at some point in the distant future -- you may eventually start pulling a tag team.........doing them both TOGETHER. You seem like you're capable of that. Damn! I mean, G******! You are the m************ MAN!

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