Gay Homewrecker

I'm a gay man, 25yo, and I nearly always date older married men. I'm very clean and discreet, and I am loved by the men I date. I love all kinds of men, but I have a "thing" for married men, and for taking them away from their wives and children. In fact, I've learned over time that they love the idea of leaving home for a gay male, and we frequently talk about that while having s**: I get them to speak badly of their wives and to say how much better I am for them in every way than "the little woman". I talk filthy about the wives, and I do filthy things to these husbands, really disgusting things.....which all of them love. It's a large part of why they want me. And I love blowing up marriages. Even that thought makes me hard and makes me want to drive it deep in some lucky man's intestines. F***!

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  • Yes I do with all the sexy silky lingerie as well there is nothing sexier than taking a p**** up your bottom when wearing silky undies!!!!

  • Do these married men ever dress in their wives stockings and underwear, while you fu_ck them?

  • I know what you mean! I'm fifteen and been having gay s** with married guy's for well over a year and like it. I'm kinda sissy acting and older boy's have been taking advantage of me for like forever. When I went to bed with a man he was really sweet to me. Yes , he actually took me into his bed, boys do it anywhere.

  • Oh, my darling, you sound so wonderful! I wish I could have you!

  • So, are we to understand that you are proud of these, um, accomplishments? You should be ashamed.

  • Actually YOU are just a loser looking for some appreciation

  • H***'s are creepy bastards.
    Hope you get the

    A rse
    I njected
    D eath
    S entence

    Then we get to say

    A dios
    I nfected
    D ick
    S ucker

  • #homophobe #sickfuck

  • Not at all,he's**** the nail on the head #adiosinfecteddicksuckers šŸ˜…

  • Hit the nail on the head ffs!

  • You are one sinister troll. You are not gay, but you are a homophobic troll seeking to sow hate against homosexuals in the most deceitful and despicable manner, by pandering to people's pre-existing prejudices.

  • I'm certain that your fondest wish is that what I described would not -- could not -- happen to you. But you're wrong. And I know because I've known men like you. If I ever got my hooks in you, you would convert. I promise. And you would be happy for having done so. And I think you know that's true.

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