Poker night

I was at my bestfriends house one night when her brother mentioned he and some of his friends having poker night. Stupidly I said we should attend if they would have us and of course he said yes so my bestfriend said yes. The night came and we were all having a good time. I'm not good at poker, but I'm not bad either. I was however losing that night and was almost out of money. It was later on and the pot had grown very large. I had a really good hand and saw my chance to recoup the money I had lost. Everyone had finally folded except for me and my bestfriends brother who had just pushed the bet to more than what I had. I knew I had the winning hand so I asked my bff if she would loan me the money, but she didn't have it either. After asking everyone else and getting no response, my bff's brother said he would make me a deal. I win and I get the pot without having to anti up the bet, but if he won I had to be his s** slave for one whole night. At first I was shocked because he and I had never so much as even touched either inappropriately or even kissed, let alone had s**. Then I realized I had the winning hand anyway, so it didn't matter. No way he was going to win. So I accepted and called laying down 4 10's that I was sure he couldn't beat. The shock to my system when he laid down a f****** straight flush was enough to make me sick. I instantly tried to get out of the bet saying I was just kidding. I even tried to get my bestfriend to support me by claiming no deal, but even she said a bets a bet, you have to do it. I had all week to think about my situation where I was to be his s** slave for 12 straight hours on Saturday night. The more I thought about it the more I decided it wouldn't be all bad. I mean her brother is kind of cute, I just don't sleep with guys like that. I mean I have only slept with 3 guys ever and I'm already 26 years old. I just don't see the need to be a s*** and f*** every guy you meet. So anyway the night came and I showed up to his house wearing a nice black dress with no underwear or bra. I didn't see the point. He was nice offering me wine and then dinner. Then more wine, lots of wine. During dinner he ordered me to take off my dress. I did as I was told. Kind of odd eating dinner naked with a guy you have never looked at in a sexual way. Dinner was over and we started to clean up. I had my back to him, facing the table when he came up behind me and started kissing my neck. To be honest it felt really good and I was getting turned on. That's when he spun me around and sat me on the table. He dropped to his knees and started giving me oral. His tongue felt amazing and I could hardly contain myself. I couldn't take it anymore and begged him to f*** me. That's when he stood up and stepped back slowly stripping off his shirt, then taking off his pants, and finally removing his underwear. Now considering I have only ever been with 3 guys before, I can't say if he's big or not, but from what experience I have had, he is bigger than the other 3. He pulled me off the table and spun me around bending me over the table. He slid his hand between my legs and slipped a couple fingers in. I nearly orgasmed as I clinched my fist. Then he rubbed his c*** on my c*** a few time before sliding it inside me. I couldn't stand it and let out a scream as I orgasmed hard. We continued to have s** in many positions and many locations over the next 12 hours debt. It was amazing and I had so much fun. None of the other 3 guys I had ever been with put as much effort into satisfying both of us as he did. I orgasmed so many times I was exhausted by the time I finished paying off my debt. Which was actually at midnight when the 12 hours were up. I was having so much fun that I stayed and ended up spending the night with him. Unexpectedly he asked me out on a date before I left the next day. I accepted and we have now been out several times, followed by amazing s** each time. We are now officially dating and plan on telling my bestfriend, his sister tonight. Guess she should have sided with me on poker night if she doesn't like it, but I'm sure she'll be fine with it.

Feb 5, 2019

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  • Wasn't that with your own brother? Tell us the truth you had s** with your own brother.. because it was me

  • Sounds like you win again!

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