Billet moms

I play junior hockey and if you know anything about it when you get drafted to a junior team from a different town you end up with what's called a billet family, Usually a family who is involved in hockey to one level or another but sometimes not, I had heard stories from my brother who played until the idiot got drunk and crashed his dirtbike breaking his hip which has never been the same, He always told me stories and so did his friends that I always thought were bull but turns out they are true, Well...I don't know if all the stuff they told me was true or not.
I was drafted my first year and had a billet family, My brother would bug me everytime he seen me and ask if I had nailed my billet mom, I never did but it wasn't for a lack of trying, He told me to just let her catch me undressing or whatever and she would jump me, Well...I let her catch me doing everything and she would just close the door and walk away, I totally would have if she would have done something, she was a short, Chubby latin woman probably 40ish with great big b**** but it never happened.
This season I got drafted to a team 3 hours from home and the season has been great, Our position in the standings is not great but I will stay with this team until I am kicked off if possible. My billet family met me at the door and right away my billet mom caught my eye, Short, Blonde, Stacked (Fake) and hot, They have 3 kids ranging from 6-10 and I found out my brother wasn't lying. I was home alone, Saturday and they had gone to the lake, I heard her say before leaving that they had to take both vehicles because she had to come home early for a hair appointment and he didn't want to leave the lake in the middle of the afternoon.
I waited all day and finally heard her car pull up, I peeked out the window and she was alone, I ran to the bathroom, Stripped down, turned the shower on and jumped in and out long enough to get wet and left the door open just enough to peek out, When I seen her walk into her room I waited and when I seen her shadow coming back I walked out in the buff. She stopped, Looked at me, Looked down then back at me, I said "Oh sorry, I didn't know you were home", She cleared her throat and said "Uh yeah, I just had to...Uh...Uh" and cleared her throat again and said "Um...yeah" and left, I waited for her to come home but she must have went back to the lake or intentionally waited for her husband because they pulled up at the same time.
Next chance I had was when her husband and the kids were out of town for a hockey tournament with her middle boy and she was going the next day to meet them because she had to work, We were hanging out watching tv and I was wearing shorts sitting back so she could see I was "Interested", She had on jeans and a T-shirt. She is always super friendly and outgoing so we were talking and I was trying to peek at her to see if she was looking at my bulge and caught her glance a couple times. She asked me if I had been enjoying school and if I had met any girls and so on then said that she should introduce me to her niece who I think I have met.
When she went to the kitchen I fixed my shorts so that she would be able to see the side of my d!ck through the front of my shorts and she noticed right away, She walked up, Stopped and turned around then turned back to the living room and then sat down and said "Um, You're..." pointing to my shorts then said "You should...", I leaned over and looked down at it then said "Yeah?", She said "Uh yeah...Please" so I pulled it out, She turned away and said "Oh s***, That's not what I meant, I meant you should put it away" so I did and she excused herself to go to bed. I crawled into bed and was laying back whacking it and my door opened up, She walked right up and it was on, I pounded her and she kept begging for more, We pounded all night and I have lost track of how many times since, She is wild and loves everything, I hope I can stay here for a long time to come.


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  • Reminds me of my Junior year in school. I wanted to do the foreign exchange student program in the UK. My host parents were nice and my host brother was pretty cool. A month after I got there my host dad caught my host mom cheating on him. He packed up and moved out. His son went with him, but due to exchange rules I had to stay with my host mom. I was a typical teenager and used to m*********. So I was watching p*** on my phone one night and stroking myself when my host mom walked in and caught me. She kept apologizing as I tried to cover myself. She tried to talk to me right afterwards and tell me it was natural. My d*** was here the whole time she kept talking. It wouldn't go down. When she told me o could ask her any question. I asked her if my d*** not going down was normal and then moved the blanket to show her. I told her I had been stroking it for 15 minutes and my arm was tired. I asked her if it was normal to not get off. She told me it was because I needed a womans touch. She started to stroke me and she was right. I shot a load shortly after she started stroking me. She took the blanket and cleaned her hand off then left the room.

  • I call bullshit.
    You're a Virgin.

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