Teenagers awake up you're not the 1st

I tell my sd18 nothing she's doing is an original thought. She got mad at me for reminding her she has debts from various things she (& biodad) promises to pay for which commits us.
So now she refuses to drive & expects to be driven. I'm like no I need you to drive & pick your brother up from his bus stop after school which is his old school that he can't get magnet bus service home from. Nor do fun stuff on her (their) own like go to the movies (so my wife & I only go to the am budget show vs night shows they like).
Last night she got caught in another lie about how she gets to her part time job & why she's broke. She (conveniently) forgot to mention she uses Uber & Uber eats to bring her food.
She works in a grocery store..who can't find healthy stuff to eat?
Why try to lie about paying for her under 18 friends Uber. I told my wife to expose her lies about her friends using her.
Btw she's still leaving school campus & haven't figured out her debit card tells us all she does bc she has (easy tap) pay.
After yrs of exposing her lies you think she'd like learn we trust but verify.
Now she hates me lol because it's the most convient scapegoat. Btw I don't like her but I tolerate her Benighted Scenario's.

Feb 24, 2019

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  • Ty. Good to know I'm not alone in thinking this way.

  • Leave her to lazy spoiled self. When she is late or misses things to bad so sad.
    Don't give her anymore $$$. She will either figure it out if she has to.

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