Leonard Lake

I'm 19, and I've been in love with Leonard Lake (serial killer who was active late 70's to early 80's. died 1985) since I was 12.

he wasn't conventionally attractive, fat, bald, middle aged man who kidnapped and killed women with his friend Charles Ng (who's still alive.)
I find myself trying to fit what he found beautiful and starving myself,
financing plastic surgeries, trying to look like this 1970's beauty, for what?

to impress a dead guy who's never even going to see me, touch me, or hear me. what do you even do with dreams that are absolutely unattainable? I don't believe in heaven or h***, I don't believe I'll see him when I'm dead or anything.

isn't that funny? life is strange I guess.

Feb 25, 2019

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  • I kinda know how you feel, for example, Rose West ,in her prime,I would so bang her!!! Id eat her out big time and ride her silly!!! Not so much now tho lol

    And that Samima Begum ,Isis scum who wants to return to Britain only because the so called caliphate has collapsed,if all was still going on there,then she'd have no intention of coming back,anyways, I would f.u.c.k the sh.it out of her!!! Spun.k all over her chubby little hateful cheeks,and lick and suck all her terror juices out of her motherly womb lol!! I bet she's a great fu.ck!!! Any others who would f*** her?

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