My Naked Body

When I was 15 I wanted to fit in with thees other girls but they kept on ignoring me. But until one day they came up to me and asked me to do a favor for them and if I did the favor I would be their friend so I said yes. But I was wrong. they pulled my shirt and pulled down my pants and started to stripping me. I was so humiliated. When I was fully naked they dragged me out on the field where the boys were. I tried my best to cover my body but they were holding my hands. The most embarrassing part was that the boys and girls were touching my body. They took pictures and showed them to the school. After that, I switched schools and never returnd

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  • L'm sorry you went through that sweetie. our eleven year old daughter went through same thing a few day's ago..

  • Any pics or video 11 is sweet

  • You would love my daughter.

  • Won't know that until I ear her p****

  • Both of you are disgusting from head to toe

  • Ditto

  • When I was in junior high I so wanted to fit in. I was OK but kind of lost in the middle. I had friends but they were all a bit weird but no one who I really felt was normal. One day the queen bee. The popular girl. Sat beside me in class. For a moment I was somebody. But there was a catch. She put her hand on my knee and ran it up under my skirt. I just sat their frozen. I went home shaken mind just racing. The next day she did it again. And again I just sat there frozen. She asked me to sit with the cool girls at lunch. I was in.

    The cost though was basically being her slave b****. I had to do what she told me to do and suffer her bullying. At one point I said no to her and she said OK I could see what it was like to cross her. Nobody talked to me. Not just her other slaves but nobody. Somehow she even got to my old friends who I now realise I had abandoned. I was totally lonely. So I went back to her. She knew she had me. Like others she controlled through fear and humiliation. She would put her fingers in me and feel me up. I don't recall her trying to kiss me. It wasn't girl love it was just power.

  • Why haven’t you told your parents silly girl...

  • I was going to ask the same thing.

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