Mother in law Maxine

My ex-mother in law, Maxine, used to tell me about her s**-life, details about the size of her husband's p****, and would bring me her used panties.
We went to lunch together once and she gave me a handjob in her car, which she felt guilty for afterward because she refused to have lunch with me again after that.

Apr 2, 2019

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  • I divorced my wife because she was abusive, a drunk, and then started s******* around. When I left and got my own place, her mother stopped by to let me know she wanted to remain friends with me. Nothing sexual happened until she came over one day to say her husband, my exwifes father was leaving her. He's a drunk too, but she would never leave. She was upset and crying and needed someone to comfort her. We had s** and it was great. She has a way better body than my exwife has and is way better in bed than my exwife. We started dating and now we are married. I was older than my exwife because I thought men were just supposed to be with younger women. She's 12 years older than me and both of us couldn't be happier.

  • My bestfriend dumped his girlfriend and started dating her daughter. He had been f****** both mother and daughter until she caught them. Okay, maybe she dumped him, I don't know, but I know he started dating her daughter.
    And before you f****** pedophiles ask, the daughter was in her early twenties when they met.

  • Hello,Jesus here,and I call bullshit! How do I know this? My dad told me,and he knows everything

  • No, if it was bullshit he would have said he was f****** both of them. I knew a guy who was dating a girl and then married her mother. So it does happen.

  • I wouldn't call that bullshit either my friend. Whe I was 19 I was with this girl her mother had the hots for me. They let me move in cause I didn't have a place to stay and no job. I was having s** with my girlfriend during the day and her mom at night when my girlfriend went to work.

  • My brother divorced his wife and married his sister inlaw.

  • Slit the b****** throat!

  • Way too harsh dude.

  • Force f*** that b****

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