Cheating on fat wife

My wife used to be quite a looker. At 5'6" and 112 pounds, she was very sexy. Well, after 13 years of marriage, she has steadily gained weight. She has a sedentary job as a back office secretary in a clinic, and pretty much can snack whenever she wants. Well, she is now a hefty 245 lbs, and I simply no longer find her sexually attractive, although I still love her. We gradually kind of stopped having s** very much. I often go to lunch at this joint near my work, and at least 2 or 3 times a week this same young attractive woman also comes in to eat. We finally got to talking one day. Well, we got friendlier and friendlier, until one day, about 3 months ago, we decided that the next day, we would skip lunch and go to her place, about a mile away, and have s**. Man, was it good! We at first had s** for lunch about 2 or 3 times a week, but now it's every day. I'm worried that this has gotten out of hand. I really like this girl, and am starting to think about whether I want to divorce my wife, but I feel guilty for leaving her just because she got so fat. Am I just being a h**** j***?

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  • It's not that she eats a lot, she SHOULD change her diet and eat healthily. More vegetables and fruit and less sh*t. My wife eats all day but healthily, she's 36 years of age, 5 feet 7 and weighs 8 stone 3 pounds. We f uck like rabbits.

  • While you're f****** your gf, do you mind if I f*** your wife? I love cheating fat women!

  • I think the only thing you are doing wrong is cheating. Your wi.fe has passive aggressive tendencies. She is getting fat because she wants you to not find her attractive , for whatever reason. Maybe you don't do the dishes enough, take out the garbage etc. Being a spiteful b**** that your wife is, I have no problem if you divorce her. Just be a man about it

  • You're a douchebag.

  • You're prob fat too

  • I bet your plump wife has good p****. just need to get her wound up.
    if her hormones are screwed up, she will get fat. she will loose her sexual desire as well.
    tell her she is sexy and looks good. Might fire her up, get you some hot s**. that's a turn on.

  • Instead of cheating on your wife, talk to her. You're nothing but a coward.

  • Im a woman i have gained 30 pounds my husband told me as long as i dont get to where my skin hangs over my jeans he'll be ok with me. It is very hard trying to stay a healthy weight i have lost 5 of the 30 pounds ive gained and i feel attractive still... but i worry that my husband will just as horrible as you and the other comment-er that talks about him being fat and how his wife was skinny. Her role in life is not to be skinny for you, you dont marry someone that you'll cheat on the second they get unattractive, you marry someone because you love them with all your heart and if they get fat then you get fat with them so you can roll around everywhere together or just f****** support them, mention the weight gain and weight loss in a way that shows you care.
    You need to leave because she deserves someone who will love her no matter what size.

  • What a joke. Lose the weight. It matters to most people, and it's a legitimate concern, not only aesthetically but also health-wise. No one should be fat, and if someone leaves their wife because she is, that's his prerogative.

  • I am an obese 30 year old woman who secretly eats non stop whenever I am away from the public. It has become so bad I have trouble walking because of all the weight I have put on, but yet every night I keep on eating and eating. I am scared that one day I might eat myself to death but I just LOVE food and being fat. I cant stop myself and the weight keeps piling on. My husband isnt helping any as he keeps telling me I look sexy at this weight and he keeps buying me as much food as I want.

  • First off im a guy who happens to be a FA(Fat admirer) i love big women and reading this aggravates me some, youre truly being a shallow j*** my wife is a little over 400lbs and i tell her everyday how beautiful she looks, if I were you id get on my knees and apologize to her if you cant then i hope shes happy and hope you rot in h***

  • So you want her to be 400+? If so you are either fooling yourself or dumb AF so no one really needs your input.

  • Then good for you... But you shouldn't force your values and principals on someone else. We all have deal breakers and weight is just one for him.

  • I am in the same boat. Except I was fat when I got married, and I was so excited to have a skinny wife. I had told myself all through high school and college, when all I could get were fat women who liked me, that I would never settle for something I didn't find attractive. Then I met my wife when I was 21. I had lost some weight before that, so my confidence was up. (But I was still fat). We dated for five years and got married. That was 8 years ago. In those 8 years she has put on over 100 pounds - same problem your wife has with the sedentary office job. We have had s** exactly three times in the last two years. I feel cheated. She knew she was marrying a fat guy. I thought I was marrying a skinny woman. Now I'm trying to lose weight again, so I can have the confidence to hit on a woman where I work as well.

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