Navy Blue Leotards Thief

I confess one of my early forays into my navy blue leotards fetish was as a teenager working for an older widow doing gardening. I went to use the washroom as she was preparing lunch for both of us and I saw her black opaque leotards hanging in the there and immediately put them on under my ripped blue jeans and navy blue socks. I came out and sat at the table and ate lunch and worked the whole afternoon for her in her leotards. She was a real spiderwomen as she liked to order me around and berate me for any mistakes I made. She seemed to feel she owned me like a slave. So stealing her leotards was my payback and at the end of the day I masturbated in them in her shed spilling my juices all over her leotards and went home with my trophy. She never mentioned that they were missing and I wore them every time after when I worked for her as a way of stealing her power.

Jul 13

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  • As a young teen boy I used to fantasise about leotards. I'd walk through the shops and look at them on mannequins. Built up the courage to buy a pair. Wore them and masturbatory in them and hid them under my mattress. One day I went to put in my pyjamas which were kept under my pillow and there they were. My mom had washed them. I was mortified. Embarrassed. Scared. Best thing though as we had some great discussions about s** and she bought me other items to wear and m********* in

  • Great you had an understanding and compassionate mother.

  • Unlike my now ex wife who just thought I was sick and needed therapy.

  • More her issue than yours.

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