My Wife is a Feedee and I’m a Feeder

Society now has strictly become “you’re either thin or you’re ugly”, and honestly I’m personally sick of that. My wife also agrees, and I think that’s partly the reason why I fell for her. She’s a curvy, gorgeous, little hourglass of sass and I love her for that!
My wife is by no means ugly, but with many models aiming for the “as thin as possible goal”, my wife instead takes pleasure in overdulging herself.
This is where things get interesting. My wife is not one for diets, she hates them. She loves food, she loves enjoying fuller meals, and more importantly she wants to enjoy the little things life has to offer. This, over the past four years, has helped her gain around 70+ pounds.
I know that sounds like a lot, but in both of our eyes she’s as beautiful as ever! She loves her added weight and so do I! Our s** life has never been better!
So in light of this we’ve tried things to make our time in the bedroom even more pleasurable — force feeding. My wife is loving the overindulgence and has since packed on another 15 Ibs. We’re definitely enjoying this added fun in the bedroom!
For many people, this is a frightening and terrible experience, but surprisingly my wife and I are loving it! Sure we’ve had to get my wife some new clothes and such, but in the end we’re loving the romance and each other. Mind you we are being real careful not to take things too far, but again we’re loving the experience.
I just want to know, from everyone out there, if anyone else has experienced something like this before with their partner and have both enjoyed it in the end? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear from other peoples stories :)

Apr 4, 2019

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  • Met my current girl when she was 180, she found out I liked fat really really fat women and that was her signal. I told her she never has to worry about dieting anymore and away she went. I have packed on a ton of weight on her now and I love it and she is happy. She hit 364 the other day and is a mass of belly, a s s and huge b o o b s. Cant beat it

  • Lovely,,, Sounds amazing sweetie

  • My wife gained 100 lbs and I love it . 125 to 228 .

  • I totally understand your experience :-) I have had a very similar one and hubby love me heavier

  • Good for you

  • Let me guess your part of Fat America?

  • I control my wife who is my submissive. I like to starve her. Sometimes she gets light headed and has to sit. I like that she is really thin and bony. Sometimes she pleads with me that she is worried that she will die because she hasn't been allowed to eat for so long. I hug her and run my hands over her wasted body.

  • Still haven't learned the difference between "faint" and "feint", have you? It must suck to have a fantasy you can't even articulate correctly. Has any woman besides your mommy *ever* made deliberate physical contact with you? If so, what sort of mental condition was she suffering from?

  • LOL.... savidge

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