Thoughts that I have

I'm an adult but I sometimes feel like acting like a child....crying when I don't get what I want. Quitting my job impulsively. Breaking up my marriage by being rude and indifferent toward my wife. I want to say mean things to people sometimes, like going up to someone and telling her that she is the ugliest woman I've ever seen. In reality, I don't want any of these things and if they ever happened, I'd be brokenhearted. I don't want to hurt myself or others' feelings....but thoughts like this enter my head sometimes.

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  • Wow,I bet you wear panties

  • Most people do not emotionally develop past early adolescence. Adults are just better at hiding their childish impulses, or ignoring them, or (this is the most popular option) indulging them then either calling them something else or blaming someone else for them.

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