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One summer I was sitting poolside with a friend sipping cocktails and talking about life. He gave me a mental scenario that has played on my mind ever since. He said, imagine yourself on your death bed with just a few minutes to live. You relive your whole life over and over in your head. He said while you are thinking about this would you have anything to regret? I thought about it for over a year and came up with my answer.

The one thing I regret is that I have hurt people over the past few years. Not physically, but emotionally. It's deeply emotionally. Most of these people were good friends that in one way or another we shared a deep emotional friendship or even a relationship. I cut each one of them out of my life completely. I block their phone numbers, email addresses and even blocked them off my facebook friend list. The urban street term is called "Ghosting someone". Ghosting is when you go poof and literally disappear out of someone’s life without a word or explanation. I have been told it is very traumatic on their part, as I can imagine. I have tried and attempted to make amends. But pretty much have gotten to the cold shoulder or have been equally shut out. For which deserve.

I would have that on my mind for the rest of my life and on my death bed. But, I want to avoid paying penance in repentance of sins. And, would I be able to trust myself to make new friends?

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  • Learn to not be an a******. Imagine someone you really care for or even love just going poof for no apparent reason and being (gone) . If one has brains they would never forgive you for that because you cannot be trusted anymore by anyone and apparently even yourself...

  • Good confession.

  • Learn from your mistakes and make new friends. Love and appreciate them no matter what.

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