I fail at taking relationships to the next level

I have lived a very lonely life up until this point, im in school meeting people whom i have a lot in common with and am forming great friendships but I want more. I have fallen for 2 girls in the past couple of years but at one point or another I have found out from them that they are bi or lesbian and have a partner that is obviously female. They told me before i actually tried to take our friendships to the next level and i got over the first pretty quickly but the second i had more trouble with and im just tiered. The friendships remain with very little tension if any. I guess what im asking is advice with how to take a relationship to the next level. The girl that i have started talking to more and more told me that she would probably not date people in general until college but i feel that it would work because we have many things in common. I lack confidence with people i truly know. I have for the longest time wanted to form an emotional relationship and take it as far as a girl would like to take it but most girls i do not feel emotionally attracted to. Those im emotionally attracted to are far and few between and im scared that if i don't pursue a relationship something will happen like it has with the previous girls.

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