What do you guys think about homosexuals?

Right or wrong?

I think it's wrong.

Apr 16, 2019

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  • Gays can't help being gay. There are so many things that can go wrong with a person that being born with the wrong s** attraction is to be expected. People are born blind, schizophrenic etc. Being gay is very predictable.

  • Why are you all even thinking about homosexuals? All these comments just show how ignorant you all are. No one is telling you to like it. Just to let people be. If two people love each other how is that wrong?

    News flash hertrosexuals... your identity is heavily influenced by your sexuality.
    Guys braging about banging hott woman isn't advertising how straight you are? Calenders and posters of hot chicks hanging on your wall isn't advertising your sexuallity really? Every last song about a loving and or treating women like an object is not telling the world you are heterosexual and proud of it? Last time I checked straight men can't stop expressing how hetero they are 24/7/365. It is sad to see how no one gets how that is the same thing. Everyday, in every culture, everywhere is a celebration of hetrosexuality.

    Remember that homos are your: friends, family, neighbors. One day your sons or daughters maybe lgbtq. Your elders could be in the closet to afraid to be themselves because of the lack of understanding you all have for them. lgbtq pride is about being ok with who you are however you are uncensored. Ask yourselves how much of yourself do you hide from the world and ultimately yourself. Pride isn't about advertisiing as you all so gracefully put it. It's about not being forced or pushed out of society. Reminding the world and culture that we exist and are not invisible. And most importantly weither you are heterosexual or lgbtq it is ok to be different.

  • Ignore the typos. You know what I mean.

  • I don't care about anyone else's sexuality. Just don't try to make your sexually an issue.
    I'm straight.

  • YUS <3

  • What do I think? I think you are one.

  • I don't think its wrong... I KNOW its wrong!!!

  • It's unnatural.

  • No problem at all

  • My opinion is whatever two adults do in their bedroom is their business. I don't care if a person is gay , straight or anything in between. I just can't stand when they make their sexuality their entire identity . Everything is about them being gay .I have even got to the point of saying" Im ok with that now move on to something ,anything other than your gay .You don't have to bring it up in every conversation."

  • God yes! Thank you. But watch that your sensible and respectful attitude doesn't get you labeled a homophobe, those Identity Olympics types are on a neverending search to be offended by the least little thing.

  • I agree. Straight people dont go around advertising they are straight. So why do gay people think they have to advertise it to everyone? I dont give a s*** if someone is gay, but I also dont want to see two guys making out. No more than i would want to see some guy and his girl making out. Get a room.

  • This!

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