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In 1999, I just had turned 20 and got pregnant, after a booze and drugged out week during spring break in the DR, and on the last night I got picked up by 5 guys at a outdoor party.

I was so high and h****, I let them all f*** me several times without protection a some hotel.

The next morning I woke up on the beach in a towel on the other side of DR.

A month later I was pregnant. My parents disowned me and threw me out of the house.

I ended up on welfare and living in a studio apartment with my son, Ray.

Since that night in 1999, I had not had s**.

In time I got my life somewhat together, but could not afford to anything else but that studio. So Ray and I slept in the same bed all his life.

As he grew up we also saw each other naked all the time as there was no privacy and it became a natural thing for us. In the summer we slept naked as we had no A/C, only fans.

But when Ray turned 14, things started to change.

Watching TV at night I was usually in just a robe and he would be in boxers. I was a 34 year old woman by then and a felt so safe and protected when I was with my 14 year old son. I knew he would never hurt me and always love me. Often I would end up with my head in in lap and he would be stoke my hair and we would always be touching.

Most night he would get hard and say he had to go to the toilet. I hear him jerking off, then after a month of this, I quietly looked threw the key hole and watch. Ray's c*** is a good size 6 1/2 inch, and started to wonder what is would feel like in me.

I knew it was wrong to think this way, but I started to desire him and thinking of him like as lover (or was it as a husband). I was sure it would never happen.

At some point that summer when we went to bed, we stated to say "I love you" to each other and began kissing on the lips, sometimes for a minute or more. We would fall a sleep and Ray would be spooning me. I woke up most night his hard c*** pressing against my butt as he slept.

Feeling a him against my ass, would make me wet. I was disgusted with myself, but each night I would quietly m********* as his c*** pressed against me wanting him inside me.

On the morning of his 16th birthday, it was 3 am, it was so hot in the apartment, I could not sleep and I felt him getting hard against my naked ass. I didn't want to m********* this time I want more.

I lifted my leg a bit placed a pillow between my knees and his c*** slid between my legs. I was soaked and started gentle moving back and forth against.

It felt so good.

The suddenly I felt his hand cup my breast. He was awake, and I stopped moving. Then he started pumping. I reached back an pulled him to me it felt like heaven.

A few minutes passed and I moved, and turned over. I looked at him and said, "Happy Birthday Ray. I love you so much". He said "I love you too Mom". We kissed for several minutes.

I started to cry a little. "Ray, I wish I afford to buy you a birthday gift. The only thing I can give you is my body, if you want it".

Ray said, "Mom being with you is not a just a gift, it my dream. I love you so much". He quietly said "I'm a virgin", embarrassed by it. "I want you to be my first lover and the only one I have all my life".

I said, "Baby, I'm yours completely, I'll do and be anything you want or need".

We stated kissing and I climbed on top and rode him.

First times are never the best, but he lasted 10 minutes. Then suddenly he said "Mom, I'm c****** get off me". I was out of breath from c****** myself "No inside me Baby", I let him c** in me.

It will 3 years soon, since we became lovers. Ray works now and we are saving our money, to get a nicer place. Or we may stay here in our little island of love.

We make love a lot. When I have my period give Ray blow jobs at least twice a day, and a*** when he wants it.

He knows my body and soul belong only to him. But I want to make sure he knows no other woman will give him her body like I do.

I'm 40 now but look younger. With no makeup I pass for early 20's and when we go out people think we are a couple.

I went on the pill, after we started, but I have stopped taking it.

Ray does not know I've stopped. What ever happens, happens.

I bless that night 20 years ago when I let 5 men have s** with me.

Out of that drunken mess, I created the man of my dreams.


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  • But this is so wrong. Can you please stop it and let people focus on real issues like real stories instead of fake ones. This is so wrong to waste your time and others just for the sake of readership, please write true stories or don't write at all. Or point out the real ones you have read.

  • If your lucky you will get knocked up right away. And have a chance to have your grandson knock us up too.

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