Why can’t you be him?

I love my husband very much, but any sexual thoughts I have are about my ex.
My ex knows how I feel. If we get together at some point I’ll probably cheat on my husband. I think about it a lot. Even when making love to my husband.

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  • I guess you are no different than any other married women I know. Almost all of them have cheated with their ex boyfriend or husband. All will say they love their husbands but s** was always better with the ex. Sometimes the ex had a big c*** but not always. The ex seems to know how to f*** the s*** out of them and they never forget. Poor hubby , he is clueless and wifey is s******* her ex and loving the s*** out of it. This usually goes on for years with hubby in denial. I have seen this time and time again . Some husbands go to their graves never knowing.

  • Tell us.. is it cause he’s better in bed?
    My wife had a hard time getting over her ex. Of course he knew how to make her climax with his huge c***. Knowing this I didn’t feel upset or jealous. She even admitted he was no man when it came to being romantic. I won that category but he knew out to make her experience a feeling of coming out of her body.
    Eventually I decided to go my own way and of course he used her for all it was worth (s**.. great s**) I just accepted some women would rather be pleasured sexually than emotionally. By the way we tried toys and a lot of stuff. She pointed out a c*** in a toy store that resembled his. 8 thick inches

  • See my longer response to the next reply. But, yes, he’s much better in bed. It’s just s** but much, much better.

  • My ex had a large one and I miss it, but I'd never tell my current guy.

  • I am 9", and my wife loves to tell her friends, and encourages me to walk around the house naked when she has friends over. I have f***** many of her gf's, and she loves watching, or joining in. She also f**** other guys, mostly married.

  • Both my ex and my husband have average endowments. Mine is above average. Yeah, I’m talking about M-M couples. I met my ex 14 years ago when s** was the reason we ended up “connecting”. My husband and I met four years ago and basically courted for three months before being intimate. My marriage is great but the s** happens rarely. I’m usually left to take care of things on my own. In contrast, my ex is a TIGER in the sack. He makes me feel desired. We laugh, sweat and still love each other.
    When I’m in public with my husband, people know we’re a couple and it’s great. When I’m with my ex we’re “just friends” and we would never be an obvious couple. He’s in a relationship but not married and has the same feelings that I do. It’s 100% desire.
    My husband is wonderful and we’ll be celebrating our 2nd anniversary soon. But when I think of being physical with a man, it’s my ex who fills my desires. I guess I’m lucky that we live hundreds of miles apart.

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