My wife when she's drunk

I've been thinking a lot about tricking my wife into doing something dirty when she's drunk. The nights we drink a lot, she never remembers what happens after we come home and have a few more shots. Once she's passed out, she'll just let whatever I want happen and she doesn't even remember the s** or anything. Although I'd have to build up to it, all I've been thinking about is tricking her into getting felt up or blowing a friend. I just don't feel comfortable enough doing this with any of my actual friends. I wanted to look on CL but they shut that down, anyone know a place I can find people for this?


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  • My mom was drinking way to much when I was a teenager and I would find her around the house passed out cold drunk sleeping half undressed or completely naked. I would feel her up and she never woke up or moved a muscle. I've sucked on her nipples while fingering her and licked her v*****. About a year later I was able to experience s** with her it was my first time ever having s** and it was the greatest experience of my life. She never woke up at all or said anything to me about all the sperm I left on her and the sheets and inside of her v*****. So get your wife drunk let her pass out cold and have someone from the bar come over and f*** your wife

  • If you have a good looking friend have him over. When she’s in bed on her stomach, have your friend take her.
    Did this with my girl in College. She kept telling me my d*** felt extra good that night.. and what’s gotten into you. I can feel your c*** really big tonight.
    Things like your f****** me so long and deep tonight. Trust me it works and she’ll definitely fell the size part of it

  • We met a black guy at a bar and my wife was pretty well out of it. I told the black guy to come with us and f*** her. He did. She fell asleep on the couch and I watched as he pulled her clothes off. She probably thought it was me.
    He had her on her belly, pushed her butt up and I watched hin slide his c*** into her. She came alive and was getting well f*****. She looked over and saw me watching and realized it was the guy from the bar. She had a tremendous double o*****. He stayed the night and f***** her several more times and I watched her give him a great b*******. It was the most exciting night of our lives.

  • Yet another fantasy from the "I have a wife and I love to get her drunk" serial poster. Some people have the lamest hobbies...

  • I would do her tape her blackmail her f*** her

  • Kinda slimy

  • Be very supportive, make damn sure she knows you're ok with it so she doesn't feel conflicted.

  • First be sure you're REALLY ok with some research as to who among your friends she finds attractive...and moreso has some hots for her. show him some pics of her and Tell him your plan. pick your ..or her...most well endowed want it to be memorable..then arrange for him to stop by AfTER you've gotten back from one of your forays with the wife...and has already whetted her whistle. Suggest her a hot shower, in which she'll already be in a nightie when he comes by , pour a couple more, or mebbe a joint....put on a threesome video, have HIM sit next to take the chair. enjoy the show. Make sure you let her know it's ok as he starts to feel her up. even better i
    f you have your camera phone.

  • Disgusting mentality

  • I would eat her p****. Don't even need to f*** her, I'll just j****** onto the floor, I just love eating p****.

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