I'm done

Every day the same thoughts about how to kill myself end up in my mind. My stepdad is an egotistic Narcissist with his head up his ass. My mom treats me as her therapist, venting about all the stupid sh*t my stepdad does and about how stressed she is having to do 'every thing by herself', but when I try to vent to her she goes straight to tell my stepdad. I'm homeschooled so I'm home all day and I try to help but every time I try she yells at me about not doing school. And one night I stayed up till midnight doing dishes, cleaning counters, dusting, doing laundry, Mopping, and hand-washing dishes that didnt fit into the dishwasher. The next morning I got a little comment about 'ruining the dishes' instead of a 'good morning' that upon tons of other sh*t make me want to run away, or kill myself. The only reason I dont is my little sister. I have 2 older sisters but were not close and I only talk to one. My doctor has told my mom I need a therapist but my f*ucking idiotic stepdad can't keep a job; He told his last boss to go f*ck himself. I'm 15 and way too f*cking stress. My mom doesn't get how hard the curriculum she picked out is for me, she always brags about how she always got straight A's in all except one class, it's so f*cking annoying

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  • :( I understand your situation. It's just awful how they are neglecting you. I am so sorry, dear. I wish there was a way I could help you.

    The best advice, is to seek help elsewhere. Look to your resources. You can talk to a counselor at school about what is going on, confide in an adult you trust, and tell family and/or close family friends what is happening. You'd be surprised how many people will help in any way they can.

  • Or try cutting,its great fun, and always remember,go down the street not across the road!

  • Git-R-Done son.

  • Just Know, “That You Are Loved By God, And His Son; Jesus Christ, And Are On Everyone’s Prayer List! Hope Exists In The Heart!, And You Have A Good Heart, And Have Not Reached Out In Vain! God Bless You; Now And Forever!

  • Bullshit...he is just watching with a handful of popcorns like a baseball game where we are playing as a ball

  • Join the forces as soon as you can.

  • Move out. Best thing I ever did. Amazing how people step forward to help. I had a big chip on my shoulder. I was pretty s***** to some of them but quikly learned to chill out. Smile. Do something to help. Like this family of do gooders offered that I could sleep at their place for a bit. I was like a s*** but one day I over heard the father who had also gotten me some s*** work at his work place saying how I was just such a s*** and it was killing them and if I kept this up he was going to have to move me out. I kind of woke up and tried to be better. One day without anyone nagging me to do anything I went and helped do the washing up. Made a huge difference. As I started to not be so up myself and blaming everyone, then everyone seemed to treat me better.

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