Mother and daughter

I'm a 45 year old unmarried woman, and as far back a 3 years old my mother has been sexually abusing me.

My earliest memory was us showering together and us always being naked and Mom began always touching my body all over.

Most night we would be in bed after dinner watching TV. She would pull me into her lap facing her and kissing me while she inserted a finger in my p****.
I believe I came the first time at 4 years old.

When i was 5, Mom started to go down on me, she was like an animal, making me c** until it hurt. Then I had to lick her.

By 18, I was her s** toy. And was in love with her. She in her late 70's and her sexual appetite has gotten more intense. She wants to 69 all the time. We spend our days c****** and using d***** on each other for hours.

It started as incestuous abuse. By now I only want her. When she dies I don't know what I will do.


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  • When she dies, come and f*** me

  • Dirty post by a dirty fantasist.
    All fake.
    And we're all tired of these unoriginal posts.

  • At 4 ur s** organs were not even operational so stfu

  • Have ever been with anyone else? Or just mom. Do you desire to be with a man?

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